Having recently won its fifth consecutive variety/musical/comedy series Emmy, Stewart’s “Daily Show” continues to come up with innovative ways of skewering the news — this year, for example, correspondent Rob Riggle reported from the actual, nongreenscreen Iraq and somehow found comedy in the middle of a war-torn country.

Stewart — who has been tapped for an encore Oscar-hosting gig — continues to be active on the development side through his Busboy Prods. shingle, which has spawned not only the runaway hit “The Colbert Report” but also the recently announced “Important Things With Demetri Martin.” The latter project will create a showcase for the “Daily Show” contributor, who is also one of the most popular alternative comedy headliners around.

Point of view

“Working with Jon is kind of like having this comedy professor,” says “Daily Show” contributor Demetri Martin. “I feel like I learn something just being in (‘The Daily Show’) offices.”