Disney Channel has greenlit a special agent-themed animated series for its “Playhouse Disney” preschool block.

“Special Agent Oso,” which has started production, features the voice of Sean Astin in the lead role. Oso is an optimistic, accident-prone teddy bear for works for U.N.I.Q.U.E. — “United Network for Investigating Quite Unusual Events.”

The group at the heart of the show consists of stuffed animals who must help kids as they learn how to mail a letter or use the library. Two 11-minute capers are included in each half-hour seg, which feature music and references to spy franchises such as James Bond and the Pink Panther.

“Calling upon kids to use their observational skills and cognitive abilities, the series will teach viewers how to organize and break down everyday tasks by using three easy steps just as Oso does on his special agent assignments,” said Nancy Kanter, senior VP of original programming at the Disney Channel. “And as our lead, Sean’s warm and friendly voice quality really brings Oso to life.”

“Special Agent Oso” will use a mix of digital cut-out, 3-D, photoshop and flash animation. Walt Disney TV Animation is behind the series, which comes from creator and co-exec producer Ford Riley. Jamie Mitchell will serve as director and co-executive producer.