‘CSI’ looks for change in scenery

'Men' writers may make the move

“CSI” is contemplating a scribe switch with “Two and a Half Men,” according to “CSI” exec producer Carol Mendelsohn.

Speaking at a Banff TV fest masterclass on Tuesday she said “Two and a Half Men” creator Chuck Lorre had called her and suggested the unlikely swap. “We might just do it,” she said.

It’s among some interesting experiments being contemplated for the powerhouse crime skein, Mendelsohn added. She said “CSI” would be on location in San Francisco this season and, due to its worldwide success, is mulling crossing the Pond to London.

“We feel Grissom is a modern-day Sherlock Holmes,” Mendelsohn said, adding that a “CSI” team flew to London a year or two ago to look into the possibility. “We met with Scotland Yard and pathologists and criminologists and found out how they actually conduct an investigation.”

Scheduling conflicts prevented the plan from coming through for this, the eighth season, but she said it may still happen in season nine. “The critical element is Danny Cannon,” she added.

The Banff TV confab shutters today.