Carlson to host CBS gameshow pilot

MSNBC anchor tapped for 'Trust'

Conservative pundit-turned-MSNBC anchor Tucker Carlson is launching yet another new career: gameshow host.

Carlson has been tapped to host “Do You Trust Me?,” the quizzer format Phil Gurin (“The Weakest Link”) is piloting for CBS (Daily Variety, March 14). Format revolves around strangers forced to put their trust in one another.

Jeff Margolis has been tapped to direct the pilot, with Ray Giuliani and David Floyd serving as co-exec producers.

While it may seem unusual for a political commentator to take a stab at a gameshow, the move is not unprecedented. Former Richard Nixon speechwriter Ben Stein segued from politics to showbiz, first as an actor and then as host of Comedy Central’s “Win Ben Stein’s Money.”

Carlson has slowly been inching away from his political roots. After CNN decided to end the Carlson co-hosted “Crossfire,” he jumped to MSNBC, where he’s been offering up a less politically focused broadcast.

And last year, Carlson landed a spot on ABC’s “Dancing With the Stars.” He was eliminated in the first round.

“Do You Trust Me?” is slated to lense later this month at CBS Radford Studios.