Angus T. Jones

The 'Half' CBS star does his homework

While some sitcom kids are relegated to being background fillers with the occasional punchline, Angus T. Jones is the third lead, with his role referenced right in the “Two and a Half Men” title. Every week on CBS’ hit show, Jones’ character Jake goes toe-to-toe, comedically speaking, with Emmy nominees Charlie Sheen and Jon Cryer.

“I feel really lucky to be on the show every episode and get a lot of really funny lines,” says the actor.

According to Jones, the only downside to co-starring on a highly rated TV show is the overwhelming number of middle-school assignments he has to do during breaks.

“I just started eighth grade, and there is just a ton of work to do,” the soon-to-be 14-year-old says. “I hardly have any time during the week, so there are piles of schoolwork everywhere.”

As for the oft-mentioned criticism that the dialogue is too racy for a comedy featuring a young star, Jones says it’s not an issue for him or his family.

He even thinks it’s funny that the Emmy telecast cut to him during the “Family Guy’s” primetime-skewering opening song: “Today they’ve got some shows that are remarkably obscene/Like that show about the little boy who lives with Charlie Sheen.”

“The jokes used to just go over (Jake’s) head,” he says. “Now that he’s growing up, I guess he kinda gets it — but not really.”

With the 100th episode coming up and the ratings unwaveringly high, it’s probable “Men” will be on the air well into Jones’ teens, and the actor says he’d be happy to stay on the air for another four or five seasons.

“What’s not to like?” he muses. “I’m learning a lot about comedy, and everyone is just hilarious. Sometimes the hardest thing for me is not to laugh.”

Recent breakthrough: Jones owes his primetime gig to one performance. “‘The Rookie’ is what got me ‘Two and a Half Men.’ Chuck (Lorre), our executive producer, saw me in that and said, ‘That’s the kid.'”

Role model: “I like Chris Farley and Jack Black. They’re both hilarious.”

What’s next: Jones says he’s happy focusing on “Men” and using his hiatuses as down time.