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Jeremy Ratchford

'Cold' cast Q & A

Jeremy Ratchford

In which decade would you want to live?

“Through this show, we have fun with all of them, but I love the cars and the music of the ‘50s, actually ‘55 to ‘65. I love that era, wardrobe, hairstyles, dancing and music. I own a ‘58 Oldsmobile, so I kind of practice what I preach.”

The secret to a successful series is?

“You never know. If the audience likes it, and it hits, it hits. If it doesn’t, they can try and fluff it up, but it will eventually just go away. It’s hit and miss.”

The best part of the job?

“Character-wise, I love the fact that if you thought you got away with something three years ago, 15 years ago or 50 years ago, at one point I’m going to knock on your door and the gig is up. I love that aspect of it. As an actor, it’s the steady employment.”

The worst part?

“You constantly get a new slew of names every week, and you’ve got to make those names roll off your lips. Only Jimmy Stewart got to stutter. For the most part, we have to say things without a stutter, without a pause or without a question. When you get these tongue-twisters, you’ve got to rattle through them.”

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