1967: U.S. sends Douglas on tour

Actor requested to visit Arab countries

Aug.2, 1967:

GOOD MORNING: Kirk Douglas is requested (by our State Dept.) to tour Arab countries, Tunisia, Algeria, Morocco next spring. And Douglas (who’s Jewish) says he would gladly go. “We’ve got to try to keep communicating.” He’d communicate in French, by the way. Douglas sez he would have attended this year’s Moscow Film Fest — for the same reasons — however he was busy in “Lovely Way To Die”… Keeping in his international mood, Douglas departs for Sicily (and N.Y.) to star in “Brotherhood of Evil” in which he plays an Italian and will darken his hair, grow a moustache and wear brown contact lenses for the role… (2007 update: Recalling the Arab countries tour above, Douglas says he then visited a total of 40 countries. “That’s why I got the Presidential Medal of Freedom from Jimmy Carter” (with whom Douglas says he now disagrees because of Carter’s anti-Israel book)…. Douglas’ travels lately have been only to promote his latest book, “Let’s Face It–90 Years of Living, Loving and Learning.” Recently in Palm Springs, he sold 800 copies. He has only two stops remaining, Nov. 11 at the American Jewish U. in L.A. and the Jewish Community Center in San Diego. First, Nov. 9, he speaks as a stroke survivor, at the Pacific Vascular Research Foundation “After that,” he says, “I’m going to relax” … Kirk takes an admiring seat as wife Anne receives the Woman of the Year award from Friendly House Saturday at the Beverly Hilton. Meanwhile both Anne and Kirk were honored for having restored playgrounds in 397 schools. Their aim — 400.