Have the Golden Globes become the Oscars’ equal in terms of importance?

The Oscars are the Oscars and nothing will take their place, but in terms of fun and flexibility, it’s the Golden Globes. The Oscars is the kudo, the Globes are the party. When you get both in one year, you know you’ve really arrived. I’m so not the right person for this question – I hate all of them. It’s all a popularity contest. — publicist

No, that’s impossible. The only award that merits a bump in salary and rate is the Oscar. As far as a promotional television show, it’s a wonderful program that gets it right and has a great show. So absolutely, unquantifiably no. But it’s not for a lack of trying. — publicist

No. Are you serious? Have you ever been to one of (the Globes’) lunches or breakfasts? You wonder who’s serving at Nate and Al’s. They’re all there. — manager

Oh God, no. The Academy is still from their peers. While (the Golden Globes) have tried to clean themselves up, they have an agenda that goes beyond that. They try to say they’re the prognosticators, but we know better. There’s only one SuperBowl. — publicist

I would strongly disagree. The Globes are from a smaller group that’s international. And their potency is diluted by having the TV categories, by having the separate categories and by being before the Oscars. The Globes are a very good indicator, but they’re not held in the same regard as the Oscars. — producer/manager

Nothing, ultimately, becomes as prestigious as the Academy Awards. The Golden Globes started out as something insignificant and it has become one of the studios’ biggest marketing tools. I’ve followed the release patterns for the Globes – “Dreamgirls” is going wide the weekend of Golden Globes. They’re going to win best picture, Jennifer Hudson and Eddie Murphy will win. And the bounce off the Golden Globes is enormous. It attracts a more diverse audience than any other awards show, which is also why every star turns out. There’s no star that won’t turn up. — producer

One ought remember Pia Zadora won a Golden Globe for “Butterfly” a lifetime ago: her rich way older husband Riklis bought it for her. I’m not sure anything has changed. – writer

Not yet, but the Golden Globes are gaining momentum. The majority of their choices for best picture seem more appropriate to me, rather than the Oscars, especially with last year’s winner, “Brokeback Mountain.” – Variety subscriber

The Golden Globes are essentially a joke that has had the good fortune of finding itself part of the wave of celebrity worship and media ogling of all things Hollywood in the last decade-plus. There’s a reason the Globes barely registered a mention in the ’80s; the culture of trendy/trashy tabloids, blogs and overall celebrity mania hadn’t hit the heights it has presently. Just one glance at the Globe categories and how they are organized and it’s clear that the Globes exist only to make for good TV, which I believe it does. But the honor of a Globe is relatively zero. It’s a perfect venue for publicists, attention-whores and the like, but as some kind of equal to the Oscars (who suffer from their own problems) there is no way the two awards are on equal footing. – Variety subscriber

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