The Klaxons

UK rock band not afraid to scatter style

Cranking up the synths, Klaxons has shrieked to success by twiddling knobs and turning beats into a catchy explosion of prog rock and rave-inspired freakish guitar sounds. Not afraid to scatter J.G. Ballard and William Burroughs quotes throughout their tunes, band members Simon Taylor-Davis, James Righton and Jamie Reynolds were also pushy enough to proclaim themselves the spearhead of a new scene — nu rave. Indulgent self hype? Absolutely. But their debut album, “Myths of the Near Future,” did win the U.K. music industry’s prestigious Mercury Prize for album this year, and they don’t take themselves nearly as seriously as their literary references would suggest. Hailing from Stratford-on-Avon in the Midlands and the southern port city of Southampton, this trio has made London their home and can already count fellow city shakers Damon Albarn and Richard Russell among their admirers.