Liverpool to host MTV Euro awards

City crowned Capital of Culture

LONDON — The northern British city of Liverpool, once famous for the Mersey Sound, will host next year’s MTV Europe Music Awards, watched by a potential 1.5 billion people in 100 countries.

It is only the third time the kudos event has been held in Blighty since bowing in Berlin in 1994.

The awards are scheduled to take place in the Echo Arena at Liverpool Nov. 6, 2008 and will coincide with the city’s one-year stint as the EU’s European Capital of Culture.

Liverpool has a rich tradition of producing popular culture heroes, the most iconic, of course, being The Beatles.

But modern acts like The Zutons also hail from the city, which has undergone extensive urban regeneration in recent years and whose cultural champions include Paul McCartney.

Said the show’s executive producer Richard Godfrey: “It is fantastic to be back in the U.K. and it is only natural that Liverpool should host the 15th annual Europe Music Awards.

“Not only is it the European Capital of Culture next year but the influence of its rich music heritage is still felt today.”

This year’s awards unspool in Munich Thursday.

The MTV Europe Music Awards were held in the U.K. in London in 1996 and Edinburgh in 2003.