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Wisconsin group wants Fonz statue

'Milwaukee' trying to bring happy days to city

Forget Scott Baio on VH1 — it’s all about the Fonz in Milwaukee.

Wisconsin civic group Visit Milwaukee is trying to bring happy days to the city, launching a campaign to create a bronzed statue of the character played by Henry Winkler.

Org has raised about half of the $85,000 needed to get the bust made and presented in the city where “Happy Days” was set. While MTV cable net TV Land has funded statues of notable TV characters in the past, it won’t be financing this one — to the city’s chagrin. (The net isn’t giving thumbs down to the character; it’s just very selective about its statue-funding.)

But a rep for the civic org may have been thinking of retro days himself when he noted the cachet of Arthur Fonzarelli by calling him a “TV icon who remains the epitome of cool.”