‘Road’ takes Boston detour

Focus drama plays out against Red Sox run

With the Boston Red Sox back in the World Series, writer-director Terry George may be having bad flashbacks to his time editing “Reservation Road.”

“I’ve learned if you don’t know everything about baseball, don’t put it in a movie,” George told a Variety screening audience on Oct. 17.

The Connecticut-set drama follows the men on either side of a hit-and-run accident. Joaquin Phoenix plays the grieving father whose son has been killed. Mark Ruffalo plays the man who hit him, and just wants a little more time with his own son before he turns himself in and goes to prison.

The story plays out during the autumn of 2004, as the Red Sox were closing in on their first World Series title in decades.

“It’s a great ticking clock in that this moment that he cherishes with his son is predicated on the success of the Red Sox … and yet time is running out for him,” said George.

In editing, though, the Irish helmer rearranged shots and scenes that included video of the actual ballgames in the background — only to incur the wrath of Harvard-based Pulitzer Prize winner Samantha Power, who is collaborating with George on another upcoming film.

“(She’s) a fanatical Red Sox fan who just tore the end apart,” said a chagrinned George. “She said it’s all wrong. Johnny Damon didn’t do this in this game and this and that.

“It ended up costing about 25 grand to buy the other footage I needed to fix the damage I’d done.”

“In (the) future, I’ll stick to soccer and the World Cup.”