Presidents pick their favorite films

George H.W. Bush digs 'Karate Kid'

Every month, as part of its “School to White House” exhibit, the National Archives screens a movie that a particular president loved.

This month it will be a fave of George H.W. Bush, the current prez’s father.

But rather than just be told which former commander-in-chief liked which film, why not try to match the prez with the pic?

1. FDR

2. JFK

3. LBJ

4. Richard Nixon

5. Ronald Reagan

6. Bush 41

7. Bill Clinton

A. “The Karate Kid”

B. “Bad Day at Black Rock”

C. “High Noon”

D. “Patton”

E. “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs”

F. “It’s a Wonderful Life.”

G. “Stagecoach”


1 — E

FDR was a huge fan of Disney toons in general and of “Snow White” in particular. He also loved “Casablanca,” which he caught just before leaving for the Casablanca Conference in 1943. Who knew the wartime leader had such a soft spot?

2 — B

“Bad Day at Black Rock,” the 1955 drama starring Spencer Tracey as a one-armed man who comes to a small town and exposes its shameful secret, was a JFK fave. He also loved “Spartacus” and “Roman Holiday.” “PT-109” didn’t make his list.

3 — G

Surprise! Not! The cowboy president loved Westerns, and the Duke was his favorite actor.

4 — D

Nixon was a movie hound, having screened upward of 500 films during his time in the White House, says the National Archives. But the pic he screened the most — three times during the secret bombing of Cambodia — was “Patton.” Draw your own conclusions.

5 — F

A fundamentally optimistic president loved one of American cinema’s most optimistic movies. No surprise … again.

6 — A

George H.W. loved this wildly popular pic about a bullied teen who found a mentor to train him to stand up for himself.

7 — C

How could Clinton love an old movie about a tough loner who can’t seem to escape old enemies? Um, on second thought…

Incidentally, the other prez who listed “High Noon” among his faves was Nixon.

Also, according to the archives, when asked what have been his favorite movies, Gerald Ford said, “I’m not a moviegoer, never have been. My tastes vary. Comedies and musicals I enjoy because they are relaxing. Historical documentaries are educational and therefore interesting. Others don’t stimulate me. I don’t dislike them but if I have a choice I prefer other entertainment.”