“Written” is a heavy heap of hypothesizing on alternate realities, filmed in an iridescent swirl and edited with machine-gun rapidity. Framed around a film being made about a man who’s woken up in a bathtub minus a kidney, pic has interesting passages but winds up turning inside out too many times for its own good. World preemed at Pusan, giddy mix shows helmer Kim Byung-woo has talent, but this sophomore effort will have a hard time traveling beyond local shores. Fest outlook is brighter.

It looks like “Saw” at the outset as “A” (Lee Jin-seok) wakes up in a filthy bathroom and starts looking for his missing organ. Encountering a riddle-playing writer (Kim Bo-young), he’s told none of this is real and he’s merely a character she’s written for a film that’s currently shooting. Meanwhile, the actor playing “A” (Lee Sang-hyuk) enters this strange, claustrophobic world, and the film’s director (Park Jin-soo) scrambles on the outside to locate the script’s missing final pages. Scoring early as a play on the creative process and the artifice of filmmaking, the multiple scenarios are well acted but repetitive, and struggle to resolve the puzzles posed. Tech package is maxed out down the line.


South Korea

  • Production: A Kim Byung-woo production. (International sales: Kim Byung-woo, Seoul.) Produced, directed, written, edited by Kim Byung-woo.
  • Crew: Camera (color, HD), Kim Ji-hoon; production designer, Choi Su-hyun. Reviewed at Pusan Film Festival (Korean Cinema Today), Oct. 7, 2007. Korean dialogue. Running time: 87 MIN.
  • With: <b>With:</b> Lee Jin-seok, Kim Bo-young, Lee Sang-hyuk, Park Jin-soo.
  • Music By: