South Korea, Vietnam team up on film

First co-production is horror movie 'Muoi'

SEOUL — South Korea and Vietnam are collaborating on their first feature film co-production, $3 million horror pic “Muoi.”

Produced by South Korea’s Billy Pictures and Popcorn Films and Vietnam’s Phuoc Sang Film Studio, “Muoi” charts the path of a Korean writer who travels to Vietnam in search of stories for her second novel. There she learns about a mystery centered around a century-old vengeful spirit.

Well-known Vietnamese actors Ahn Thu and Hong Anh join Korean thesps Jo An (“Wishing Stairs”) and Cha Ye-ryeon (“Voice”).

Financed by IM Pictures, pic is helmed by South Korea’s Kim Tae-kyung, who directed midsized hit “Ghost” (aka “Ryung”) in 2004. The production is also receiving support from the Korean Film Council and Vietnam’s Ministry of Information & Culture.

Vietnam was one of the first countries to embrace the so-called Korean Wave, and Korean pop culture remains highly popular there.

Shooting on “Muoi” began Dec. 30 in Vietnam and is scheduled to last three months, with a summer release skedded for both countries.