PHUKET — Bangkok-based hardtop chain SF Cinema opened its second multiplex on Phuket on Saturday and expressed confidence in the potential of the growing market on the island resort.

The new SF Cinema City on Patong beach will target international tourists and expats, MD, Suwit Thongrompo says.

“Purchasing power is very high, maybe even higher than Bangkok,” Thongrompo said. “We set the ticket prices higher than any other branches of ours. We charge 140 and 160 baht here (around $4.47-$5.10), whereas at our multiplex in downtown Bangkok, the tickets cost $3.83-4.47.”

SF also owns another multiplex in downtown Phuket, opened three years ago and a few months prior to the tsunami. Last year, the downtown venue sold 600,000 tickets.

The company invested $6 million on its latest 1,500-seat facility, equivalent to cost of developing one of its Bangkok implants. “We hope to recoup the investment within 5 years,” Thongrompo said.

SF is Thailand’s second biggest theater chain after Major Cineplex.