Paramount, Fincher catch ‘Killer’

'Zodiac' director to take on graphic novel

Paramount Pictures has acquired graphic novelThe Killer” and will develop it as a directing vehicle for David Fincher.

Pic will be produced by Brad Pitt’s Plan B Entertainment and Alexandra Milchan.

Allesandro Camon will write the script, about a top assassin suddenly plagued by his conscience and a highly competent cop hot on his tail.

The graphic novel was written by Matz, whose real name is Alexis Nolent. The author works for Ubisoft, one of France’s biggest videogame companies. Luc Jacamon illustrated the novel, which was originally published in France in 1988 by Casterman and debuted in the U.S. as a 10-issue series published by Archaia Studio Press.

“The Killer” puts Fincher in line to make his third recent film for Paramount, where he helmed “Zodiac” and recently wrapped “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button.” Latter film stars Pitt, with whom Fincher first worked on “Seven.”

Camon is currently at work for Par adapting Robert Ludlum thriller novel “The Chancellor Manuscript.”