New Regency has acquired comic pitch “Pets,” with James Gunn to write and direct. Red Hour’s Ben Stiller, Stuart Cornfeld and Jeremy Kramer are producing.

Gunn, best known for scripting the “Scooby-Doo” pics, is back in pet mode. The comedy concerns a man abducted by aliens who want to turn him into a household pet. Peter Safran will exec produce.

“Pets” is the latest in a series of Regency deals for projects geared to a young male demo; 20th Century Fox will distribute.

Red Hour is producing “Tropic Thunder,” the ensemble comedy that Stiller is directing in Hawaii, and “The Ruins,” the Carter Smith-directed horror film adaptation of the Scott B. Smith novel. Both pics are for DreamWorks.

Gunn, who also scripted the “Dawn of the Dead” remake, most recently wrote and directed “Slither.”