TOKYO — Chiaki Kuriyama, girl assassin Go-Go Yubari in “Kill Bill,” will star in “GS Wonderland,”  a pic about the 1960s pop scene in Japan.

Kuriyama’s character poses as a man to get a gig as keyboardist with a Group Sounds band –a made-in-Japan pop movement inspired by the Beatles and other mid-1960s Brit bands.

The soundtrack will feature 10 original tunes by lyricist Jun Hashimoto and composer  Kyohei Tsutsumi — a duo who generated many GS hits. Ryuichi Honda is helming and Desperado is producing, with release set for next summer. Also appearing is Ittoku Kishibe, a former member of GS powerhouse the Tigers who has since developed a thriving second career as a character actor.

 Launched in August 2006 by local uber-producers Naoyuki Sakagami and Yuji Ishida, Desperado last month joined with the Nikkatsu studio to start production outfit, Django Film Corp., to make pics for the domestic and world markets. According to Nikkatsu sources, however, “GS Wonderland” is not a Django project.