Klint to head Nordisk sales

Exec started career at Trust

STOCKHOLM — Nordisk Film has tapped Tine Klint as head of international sales.

Klint started her career at Trust Film/Zentropa Sales in 1999 and has worked as sales executive and project manager at Nordisk for the past two years.

“Nordisk Film has a clear strategy of focusing more on Nordic films and producers — as such the focus on international sales has increased,” said Kenneth Wiberg, general manager of Nordisk Film International Sales.

Klint will be at MIP-TV together with sales manager Susan Wendt, representing such pics as “Beck — The Scorpion,” “Brothers — The Return,” “Clash of Egos” and “Reprise.”

“One of our main priorities is to expand sales by improving our profile with a clear film focus. I believe that our new label structure dividing films into categories will help us achieve that,” commented Klint.