O2 Filmes

Who: Fernando Meirelles, Paulo Morelli, Andrea Barata Ribeiro

Contact: o2filmes.com.br; atendimento@o2filmes.com

Phone: +55 11-3644-8040

The production company of Fernando Meirelles, arguably Brazil’s most important helmer today, was founded in 1990, and five years later became the country’s leading producer of commercials. It made its first feature in 2001 but the big breakthrough for the company was Meirelles’ “City of God,” which received four Oscar nominations and was a worldwide hit. The pic spawned the company’s TV series “City of Men,” which aired from 2002 to 2005 on Brazil’s TV Globo. Paulo Morelli’s feature “City of Men” opened this year in Brazil. It’s now making Meirelles’ “Blindness.” O2 is also Brazil’s leading production services company.

Video Filmes

Who: Walter Salles, Joao Moreira Salles, Mauricio Ramos

Contact: mauricio@videofilmes.com.br

Phone: +55 21-2556-0810

The shingle of brothers Walter and Joao Moreira Salles had its big breakthrough with Walter Salles’ “Central Station.” Besides Walter’s features, the company has produced Joao’s docs as well as a series of docs from vet helmer Eduardo Coutinho plus features from young filmmakers such as Sergio Machado (“Low City”) and Karim Ainouz (“Suely in the Sky”).

Conspiracao Filmes

Who: Leonardo Monteiro de Barros

Contact: conspira.com.br; conspira@conspira.com.br

Phone: +55 21-3184-2000

Founded in 1991, Conspiracao rapidly became one of Brazil’s leading musicvideo and commercial producers. It had its big feature breakthrough in 2005 with Breno Silveira’s “Two Sons of Francisco.” Andrucha Waddington’s “The House of Sand” and “Me You Them,” Claudio Torres’ “Redeemer” and Jose Henrique Fonseca’s “Man of the Year” are also from Conspiracao.

LC Barreto and Filmes do Equador

Who: Luiz Carlos Barreto and Lucy Barreto

Contact: lcbarreto.com.br; lcbarreto@uol.com.br

Phone: +55 21-2240-8161

Considered the deans of Brazilian producers, Luiz Carlos Barreto and his wife Lucy have made more than 70 features and shorts, including Bruno Barreto’s “Dona Flor and Her Two Husbands.” Vicente Amorim’s “The Middle of the World” and Bruno Barreto’s “Romeo and Juliet Get Married” are some the company’s recent fare.

Diler & Associados

Who: Diler Trindade

Contact: diler.com.br; cinema@diler.com.br

Phone: +55 21-3311-4500

Diler & Associados is the leading producer of commercial pics in Brazil, including the hit kidpic franchise of Xuxa Meneghel and the most recent pics of another kids franchisee, Renato Aragao’s Didi (“Knight Didi and Princess Lili,” “Didi, the Treasure Hunter”). Diler has also made historical religious pics and animation and is now producing Moacyr Goes’ “Um amor do outro lado do mundo,” a Brazil/China co-production.

Total Entertainment

Who: Walkiria Barbosa and Vilma Lustosa

Contact: totalfilmes.com.br; total@visualnet.com.br

Phone: +55 21-3515-4850

Total has hit with commercial pics. The company’s breakthrough was Daniel Filho’s “If I Were You,” Brazil’s highest-grossing homegrown pic of 2006. This year, it was behind Filhos’ “Primo Basilio.”

Gullane Filmes

Who: Fabiano Gullane, Caio Gullane, Debora Ivanov

Contact: gullanefilmes.com.br; international@gullancefilmes.com.br

Phone: +55 11-5084-0996

Founded in 1996, Gullane made a couple interesting small films, but its big breakthrough came with Cao Hamburger’s 2006 “The Year My Parents Went on Vacation.” It has Carlos Cortez’s “Quero” opening this month, while Johnny Araujo’s “The Magnate” is scheduled to be released in October. Two other features are set for the first half of 2008, and the company is working on four new projects, including international co-productions with Italy and China.

Casa de Cinema

Who: Carlos Gerbase, Giba Assis Brasil, Jorge Furtado, Ana Luiza Azevedo, Nora Goulart, Luciana Tomasi

Contact: casacinepoa.com.br

Phones: +55 51-3316-9200

Porto Alegre-based Casa de Cinema is the top production company outside Sao Paulo and Rio de Janiero. Carlos Gerbase’s “Tolerance” plus Jorge Furtado’s “The Man Who Copied” and “Saneamento basico, o filme” are some of the company’s highlights.

Mixer Producoes

Who: Joao Daniel Tikhomirrof

Contact: mixer.com.br; patricia@mixer.com.br

Phone: +55 11-3046-8044

Created from the 2004 merger of Jodaf, Radar TV and Grifa, Mixer makes TV shows, commercials and docs (Mara Mourao’s “Doctors of Joy” and Joel Pizzini’s “500 Souls”) and is producing its first feature, Tikhomirrof’s “Besouro.”

Vereda Filmes

Who: Katia Machado, Sergio Sa Leitao

Contact: veredafilmes.com.br; kmachado@veredafilmes.com.br; ssl@veredafilmes.com.br

Phone: +55 21-2173-6660

Sales company Vereda reps Brazilian productions, created and operated by executives from the financial market. Launched in the 2007 Cannes Fest, it is funded by RB Cinema I, Brazil’s top private-sector film equity fund.