LONDON — The Irish Film Board has committed Euros 1 million ($1.42 million) to a variety of new short film initiatives aimed at fostering new Irish talent.

The IFB is launching three strands — Signatures, for live-action fiction; Reality Bites, for short docs; and Virtual Cinema, for online shorts aimed at the YouTube generation.

Signatures is the flagship scheme, funding up to six shorts a year with a maximum budget of $128,000 apiece. Reality Bites will bankroll up to three films costing no more than $28,000. Virtual Cinema will back up to 10 shorts, no more than two minutes long.

The IFB has also modified its existing Short Shorts initiative, which funds up to seven experimental films a year, lasting no more than five minutes each. These shorts will now be required to “tell a story” with a specified genre chosen for that year — for example, love story, thriller, musical or horror.