Indonesian award killers

Film Society members return Citras awards in protest

Showbizzers rejecting awards? Is it a sign of the apocalypse?

Some 100 members of the Indonesian Film Society — including hyphenates Nia Dinata and Mira Lesmana and helmers Rudi Soerdjarwo and Riri Riza — last week returned their Citras, the kudos handed out by the Indonesian Film Fest in December, to protest the fest’s politics and take a stand against film censorship.

Specifically, they want the IFF nods bestowed on “Ekskul,” a campy comedy drama, revoked. “Ekskul” won best pic but was panned by critics and, the group alleges, infringed on other composers’ music rights.

The group also is smarting over the rejection of the country’s foreign-language Oscar hopeful, Dinata’s “Love for Share” (Berbagi Suami), for consideration in the IFF’s best film category. Apparently one of the FFI judges took the movie’s anti-polygamy message as a personal insult.