BERLIN — The German Federal Film Fund (DFFF) is going on tour.

Following recent presentations to international industryites in Vienna and Cannes, the German Federal Filmboard (FFA) will unveil the $80 million-a-year fund at a special presentation at the RomeFilmFest Tuesday. Taking place at the Casa del Cinema, film financing experts Oliver Castendyk and Alessandra Priante will discuss the fund in detail and explain how European and international producers can access it.

Then, on Oct. 25, the FFA will join the U.K. Film Council for a special presentation of funding opportunities in both Germany and the U.K., followed by a stop in Copenhagen, where the DFFF will be presented on Nov. 28. 

The FFA said the goal of the DFFF tour is to encourage European producers to seek coproduction opportunities with German partners.

The German film org has reported boffo effects on the nation’s film industry since the fund’s launch at the beginning of the year.

This year the fund has slated $78 million for 87 projects that will generate more than $500 million in economic benefits for the local industry.

The DFFF has also attracted major international productions, including United Artists’ “Valkyrie,” which was granted $6.5 million, and Warner Bros.’ “Speed Racer,” which got $12.3 million — the largest amount allocated to any production so far.