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Daytime Emmys nominations (part II)

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“All My Children” (ABC)
David R. Zyla, Costume Designer
Katherine Roth, Costume Designer
James P. Hammer, Costume Designer
“As the World Turns” (CBS)
Margarita Delgado, Costume Designer
Tracy Dorman, Costume Designer
“Guiding Light” (CBS)
Shawn Dudley-Reeves, Costume Designer
Alyson Hui, Costume Designer
Shana Schoepke, Costume Designer
“Passions” (NBC)
Diana Eden, Costume Designer

“The Ellen DeGeneres Show” (Syndication)
Barry Glazer, Director
Lenn Goodside, Director
“The Oprah Winfrey Show” (Syndication)
Joseph Terry, Director
“Rachael Ray” (Syndication)
Dana Calderwood, Director
“The View” (ABC)
Mark Gentile, Director

“Easy Entertaining With Michael Chiarello” (Food)
Natalie Gustafson, Director
“The Martha Stewart Show” (Syndication)
Bob Mckinnon, Director
“Passport To Europe With Samantha Brown” (Travel Channel)
Joan Mccord, Director
Jerry Smith, Director
Sid Goldberg, Director
“This Old House” (PBS)
David Vos, Senior Director

“80Th Annual Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade” (NBC)
Gary Halvorson, Director
“9/11 Memorial From Ground Zero 5Th Anniversary” (Syndication)
David Stern, Director
“The Thanksgiving Day Parade On CBS” (CBS)
Glenn Weiss, Director

“Between The Lions” (PBS)
Vincent Straggas, Editor
“Everyday Italian” (Food)
Robert Krisch, Editor
Michael Sellers, Editor
“Sell This House” (A&E)
Alex Perrault, Editor
“Starting Over” (Syndication)
Mac Caudill, Editor
Marc Grossman, Editor
Seth Leving, Editor
Chris Ray, Editor
Barry Zetlin, Editor
Robert Garry, Editor
Arek Hope, Editor
Leellen Patchen, Editor
Raoul Rosenberg, Editor
Joe Shugart, Editor
Maria Vitakas, Editor
Steven Urrutia, Editor
“This Old House” (PBS)
Gary Stephenson, Senior Editor
Adam Bush, Editor
“The View” (ABC)
Rich Provost, Editor

“Dr. Phil” (Syndication)
Ann Keniston, Editor
Arthur Booth, Editor
Paul Broz, Editor
Rodney Chew, Editor
Harris Cohen, Editor
Peter Dunn, Editor
Daniel Gibb, Editor
Jonny Jenks, Editor
Morgen Kassel, Editor
Dan Landi, Editor
William Lorton, Editor
Bruce Malm, Editor
Fernando Martinez, Editor
Craig Mayo, Editor
Robyn T. Migel, Editor
Matthew Moul, Editor
Juliette Olavarria, Editor
James Perry, Editor
Todd Portugal, Editor
Thomas Quick, Editor
Kelly Smith, Editor
Jeff Spalla, Editor
Reggie Spangler, Editor
Peter Zifchak, Editor
“The Ellen DeGeneres Show” (Syndication)
Michael Cole, Editor
Clark Burnett, Editor
“The Oprah Winfrey Show” (Syndication)
Michael E. Mabbott, Senior Editor
John Strolia, Senior Editor
Neil Coleman, Senior Editor
Tim Drover, Senior Editor
Dan Fisher, Senior Editor
Chuck Floramo, Senior Editor
Tom Pyers, Senior Editor
Michael D. Sherry, Senior Editor
Dan Towell, Senior Editor
Judi Bushala, Editor
Cynthia S. Cameron, Editor
Jay Eckensberger, Editor
Kevin G. Gist, Editor
Richard Hemmingway, Editor
John Kilpatrick, Editor
James Pilarski, Editor
Sari Rosenthal, Editor
Larry Sexton, Editor
Eric Will, Editor
Joseph C. Davis, Editor
“Sesame Street” (PBS)
Robert J. Emerick, Supervising Editor
Selbern Narby, Editor
John Tierney, Editor
Chris Reinhart, Editor
“The Tyra Banks Show” (Syndication)
Paulo Demello, Editor
Jennifer Fah, Editor
Travis Weber, Editor
Ken Yankee, Editor
Daniel Rogers, Editor
Jason Lindsey, Editor
Casey O’brien, Editor
Matt Rubolino, Editor
Raiko Siems, Editor

“The Bold and the Beautiful” (CBS)
Brian Bagwell, Editor
Jim Friesen, Editor
Jonathan Smilowitz, Editor
“Days of Our Lives” (NBC)
Mason Dickson, Editor
Lugh Powers, Editor
Marius S. Darrow Iii, Editor
David Mawhinney, Editor
“Guiding Light” (CBS)
Thomas Bornkamp, Editor
Douglas Kent, Editor
Thomas Ineson, Editor
Hanne Anderson, Editor
“One Life to Live” (ABC)
Mary Ryan, Editor
Teresa Anne Cicala, Editor
Tracy Casper Lang, Editor
Anthony Wilkinson, Editor
Barry Gingold, Editor
Paul Glass, Editor
Vince Catania, Editor

“Dr. Phil” (Syndication)
Mimi Vodnoy-Love, Hairstylist
Annette Jones, Hairstylist
“The Ellen DeGeneres Show” (Syndication)
Elizabeth Ulloa, Hairstylist
“The Price Is Right” (CBS)
Mira Wilder, Hairstylist
“The Tyra Banks Show” (Syndication)
Kiyah Wright, Hairstylist
Lawrence Davis, Hairstylist
Rachel Haughton, Hairstylist
Tara Copeland, Hairstylist
“The View” (ABC)
Lavette Slater, Hairstylist
Judy Mar, Hairstylist
Bryant Renfroe, Hairstylist
Deirdre Stadtmauer, Hairstylist

“All My Children” (ABC)
Joyce Carollo, Hairstylist
Lisa Johnson, Hairstylist
Silvie Salle, Hairstylist
Shellie Biviens, Hairstylist
“As the World Turns” (CBS)
Theresa Marra Siliceo, Key Hairstylist
Lillian Cvecich, Second Key Hairstylist
Veronica Bakalenik, Hairstylist
Elena Roulenka, Hairstylist
“Days of Our Lives” (NBC)
Garry Allyn, Hairstylist
Margaret Puga, Hairstylist
Arleen Chavez, Hairstylist
“Passions” (NBC)
Bobby Grayson, Head Hairstylist
Shelly Scanlon, Hairstylist
Christopher O. Smith, Hairstylist
Jeanie Duronslet, Hairstylist

“The Ellen DeGeneres Show” (Syndication)
Robert Dickinson, Lighting Designer
Marisa Davis, Lighting Director
“Jeopardy!” (Syndication)
Jeffrey M. Engel, Lighting Designer
“The Oprah Winfrey Show” (Syndication)
Tara Denise, Lighting Director
Sean Post, Lighting Director
Scott Zematis, Lighting Director
“Rachael Ray” (Syndication)
Alan Blacher, Lighting Designer
Marilyn Rennagel, Lighting Director
“Sesame Street” (PBS)
Dan Kelley, Lighting Designer
“The View” (ABC)
Candice Dunn, Lighting Designer

“As the World Turns” (CBS)
Donna Larson, Lighting Designer
Nicholas Varacalli, Lighting Designer
“Days of Our Lives” (NBC)
Ted Polmanski, Lighting Director
Mark Levin, Lighting Director
Art Busch, Lighting Director
“Guiding Light” (CBS)
Brian W. Mcrae, Lighting Designer
Tony Girolami, Lighting Designer
“One Life to Live” (ABC)
Scott Devitte, Lighting Director
Bob Bessoir, Lighting Director

“Jeopardy!” (Syndication)
Alan Douglas, Title Designer
Kory Jones, Graphic Artist
Tiffany Caliva, Graphic Artist
Kevin Aguirre, Graphic Artist
“Pinky Dinky Doo” (Noggin)
Jim Jinkins, Title Designer
“Rachael Ray” (Syndication)
Taka Ikari, Title Designer
Patrick Connelly, Graphic Artist
Nicolai Strehl, Graphic Artist
“Saving a Species: The Great Penguin Rescue” (Dsc Kids)
Johnathan Safford, Title Designer
Kevin Riley, Title Designer
“The Tyra Banks Show” (Syndication)
Jeffery Dunaj, Title Designer
Ricardo Silva, Title Designer
“The Upside Down Show” (Noggin)
Mark Bowley, Graphic Artist
Robert Michaels, Title Designer
Terrence Williams, Title Designer

“The Ellen DeGeneres Show” (Syndication)
Meghan Mcclain, Makeup Artist
Jeanette Ostergard, Makeup Artist
“Soap Talk” (Soapnet)
Felicia Linsky, Makeup Artist
Chris Escabosa, Makeup Artist
“The Tyra Banks Show” (Syndication)
Valente Frazier, Makeup Artist
Jan Ping, Makeup Artist
Michelle Waterbury, Makeup Artist
“The View” (ABC)
Rebecca Borman, Makeup Artist
Karen Dupiche, Makeup Artist
Lori Klein, Makeup Artist
Eve Pearl, Makeup Artist

“As the World Turns” (CBS)
Eldo Ray Estes, Key Makeup Artist
Anette Lian-Williams, Makeup Artist
Stephanie Glover-Mcgee, Makeup Artist
Kimberly Braisin, Makeup Artist
“The Bold and the Beautiful” (CBS)
Christine Lai-Johnson, Key Makeup Artist
Chris Escobosa, Makeup Artist
Marlene Mason, Makeup Artist
Marlene Stoller, Makeup Artist
Charlene Jackman, Makeup Artist
“General Hospital” (ABC)
Donna Messina, Makeup Artist
Wendy Pennington-Holz, Makeup Artist
Georgia Grado, Makeup Artist
Dara Jaramillo, Makeup Artist
Melinda Osgood, Makeup Artist
Angela Ackley, Makeup Artist
Bobbi Roberts, Makeup Artist
“Passions” (NBC)
Toby Lamm, Head Makeup Artist
Natasja Hewitson, Makeup Artist
Amy Sparks, Makeup Artist
Victoria Doering, Makeup Artist

“Bj’s Teddy Bear Club” (TBN)
Dennis Scott, Music Director
“Bratz” (Fox)
Matthew Gerrard, Composer
“Dive Olly Dive!” (Animania)
Ceiri Torjussen, Composer
“Lazy Town” (Nickelodeon)
Mani Svararsson, Composer
“Legion Of Super Heroes” (Kids WB!)
Michael Mccuistion, Composer
Kristopher L. Carter, Composer
Lolita Ritmanis, Composer
“Postcards From Buster” (PBS)
Claudio Ragazzi, Composer
“Reading Rainbow” (PBS)
Steve Horelick, Music Director
“Sesame Street” (PBS)
Mike Renzi, Music Director
Dave Conner, Music Director
Danny Epstein, Composer
“Shaggy & Scooby-Doo Get a Clue!” (Kids WB!)
Mark Mothersbaugh, Composer
Albert Fox, Composer
John Enroth, Composer
Silas Hite, Composer

“Days of Our Lives” (NBC)
Stephen Reinhardt, Music Director
Amy Evans, Music Director
Ken Corday, Composer
Brent Nelson, Composer
“Guiding Light” (CBS)
Robyn Cutler, Supervising Music Director
Gary Deinstadt, Music Director
Billy Barber, Music Director/Composer
Ron Komie, Composer
Brian D. Siewert, Composer
Danny Pelfrey, Composer
Chieli Minucci, Composer
Mark Stephen Ross, Composer
Kenneth Eberhard, Composer
David Traugh, Composer
“One Life to Live” (ABC)
Paul Glass, Supervising Music Director/Composer
Daniel P. Krausz, Music Director
Dave Marino, Music Director
David Nichtern, Composer
Dominic Messenger, Composer
Lee Holdridge, Composer
Kevin Bents, Composer
Kurt Biederwolf, Composer
Jordan Lieb, Composer
Chris Child, Composer
Bobby Summerfield, Composer
Michal Towber, Composer
“The Young and the Restless” (CBS)
Michael Dobson, Music Supervisor
Bryan Harrison, Music Supervisor
Jack Allocco, Composer
David Kurtz, Composer

“Guiding Light” (CBS)
Song Title: “Can You Love Me (With The Lights On)”
Brian D. Siewert, Composer/Lyricist
Angela Lauer, Lyricist
Timothy Lauer, Lyricist
“Guiding Light” (CBS)
Song Title: “In a Moment”
Brian D. Siewert, Composer/Lyricist
“Passions” (NBC) Song Title: “Love Is Ecstasy”
John Henry Kreiter, Composer/Lyricist
Wesley B. Boatman, Jr., Composer
“Today Show” (NBC) Song Title: “It’s a New Day, Today”
Randy Wachtler, Composer/Lyricist
Frank Radice, Composer/Lyricist
Greg Barnhill, Composer/Lyricist
“The Young and the Restless” (CBS) Song Title: “Carry On”
Michael Kisur, Composer/Lyricist

“Animal Rescue” (Syndication)
Alex Paen, Executive Producer/Host
“A Baby Story” (TLC)
Glenda Hersh, Executive Producer
Terri Johnson, Executive Producer
Nikki Taub, Executive Producer
Steven Weinstock, Executive Producer
Liz Layton, Supervising Producer
Nikki Borrelli, Line Producer
Liza Gangi Heiskell, Producer
Christina Marra Mcelroy, Producer
Sadye Zillo, Producer
“Judge Judy” (Syndication)
Randall Douthit, Executive Producer
Timothy Regler, Executive Producer
Victoria Jenest, Supervising Producer
Shannon Weber-Arellano, Senior Producer
Richard Russakoff, Senior Producer
Cybil Jordan-Malachi, Senior Producer
Jonathan Sebastien, Senior Producer
Kirk Leins, Coordinating Producer
Christopher Thomas, Coordinating Producer
Jill Wilderman, Producer
Kristine Lee, Producer
May Johnson, Producer
Judge Judy Sheindlin, Host
“Made” (MTV)
Bob Kusbit, Executive Producer
Dave Sirulnick, Executive Producer
Tony Dibari, Executive Producer
Francis Lyons, Co-Executive Producer
Summer Strauch, Supervising Producer
Amy Emmerich, Supervising Producer
Zachary Behr, Producer
Lynn Centrelli, Producer
Randi Gewirtz, Producer
“Starting Over” (Syndication)
Millee Taggart-Ratcliffe, Executive Producer
Jonathan Murray, Executive Producer
Adriane Hopper, Supervising Producer
Andrea Bailey, Supervising Producer
Laura Korkoian, Supervising Producer
Linda Midgett, Supervising Producer
Tracy A. Whittaker, Supervising Producer
Sasha Alpert, Producer
Jule Gilfillan, Producer
Kara R. Hogan, Producer
Raquel Velasquez, Producer
Trisha Boyd, Producer
Nicole Policiacchio, Producer
Dana Demars, Line Producer
Rhonda Britten, Host
Iyanla Vanzant, Host
Dr. Stan J. Katz, Host

“2006 Walt Disney World Christmas Day Parade” (ABC)
Andrew Perrott, Executive Producer
Philip Hack, Supervising Producer
John Best, Producer
Robin Cohen, Line Producer
Ron De Moraes, Consulting Producer
Regis Philbin, Co-Host
Kelly Ripa, Co-Host
Ryan Seacrest, Co-Host
“80th Annual Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade” (NBC)
Brad Lachman, Executive Producer
Bill Bracken, Producer
Matt Lauer, Co-Host
Meredith Vieira, Co-Host
Al Roker, Co-Host
“9/11 Memorial From Ground Zero 5th Anniversary” (Syndication)
David Stern, Executive Producer
Annette Jolles, Supervising Producer
Adam Cooper, Producer
Eric Duke, Producer
Denise Graap, Producer
Lenny Laxer, Producer
Mike Long, Producer
Greg Siers, Producer
Susan Pomerantz, Producer
Susi Wuennenberg, Producer
“NBC 117th Tournament Of Roses Special” (NBC)
Arthur Forrest, Executive Producer Carol Kahl, Supervising Producer
Stephanie Prescott, Coordinating Producer
Tom Patino, Producer
Al Roker, Co-Host
Nancy O’dell, Co-Host
“A Question Of Life Or Meth” (A&E)
Libby O’connell, Executive Producer
John Verhoff, Executive Producer
Aaron Goldman, Supervising Producer
Lee Brodie, Producer

“The Batman” (Kids WB!)
Timothy J. Borquez, Mpse, Supervising Sound Editor
Thomas Syslo, Supervising Sound Editor
Keith Dickens, Sound Editor
Doug Andorka, Sound Editor
Eric Freeman, Sound Editor
Mark Keatts, Adr Editor
Mark Keefer, Dialogue Editor
Michael Garcia, Dialogue Editor
“Legion of Super Heroes” (Kids WB!)
Robert Hargreaves, Supervising Sound Editor
Mark Keatts, Supervising Sound Editor
Mark Keefer, Dialogue Editor
Michael Garcia, Dialogue Editor
“Loonatics Unleashed” (Kids WB!)
Timothy J. Borquez, Mpse, Supervising Sound Editor
George Nemzer, Supervising Sound Editor
Thomas Syslo, Sound Editor
Doug Andorka, Sound Editor
Daisuke Sawa, Sound Editor
Keith Dickens, Sound Editor
Mark Keatts, Adr Editor
Mark Keefer, Dialogue Editor
Michael Garcia, Dialogue Editor
“Sesame Street” (PBS)
Blake Norton, Supervising Sound Editor
Jim Czak, Supervising Music Editor
Bill Moss, Music Editor
Bob Schott, Sound Editor
Carla Bandini-Lory, Sound Editor
Dick Maitland, Sound Effects Editor
“Shaggy & Scooby-Doo Get a Clue!” (Kids WB!)
Thomas Syslo, Supervising Sound Editor
Timothy J. Borquez, Mpse, Supervising Sound Editor
Brian F. Mars, Sound Editor
Doug Andorka, Sound Editor
Eric Freeman, Sound Editor
Mark Keatts, Adr Editor
Mark Keefer, Dialogue Editor
Michael Garcia, Dialogue Editor
“Xiaolin Showdown” (Kids WB!)
Daisuke Sawa, Supervising Sound Editor
Timothy J. Borquez, Mpse, Supervising Sound Editor
Thomas Syslo, Sound Editor
Doug Andorka, Sound Editor
Eric Freeman, Sound Editor
Mark Keatts, Adr Editor
Mark Keefer, Dialogue Editor
Michael Garcia, Dialogue Editor

“The Ellen DeGeneres Show” (Syndication)
Terry Fountain, Production Mixer
Billy Sherry, Sound Effects Mixer
Dirk Sciarrotta, Sound Effects Mixer
“The Price Is Right” (CBS)
Dirk Sciarrotta, Production Mixer
Hope Vinitsky, Sound Effects Mixer
Maryann Jorgenson, Music Mixer
David Vaughan, Re-Recording Mixer
“Rachael Ray” (Syndication)
Bob Aldridge, Production Mixer
Jimmy Hores, Production Mixer
“Reading Rainbow” (PBS)
Gary Silver, Re-Recording Mixer
Paul Cote, Re-Recording Mixer
“The View” (ABC)
Peter Hefter, Production Mixer
Tim Pankewicz, Production Mixer
Vann Weller, Production Mixer
Edward J. Garofalo, Production Mixer

“As the World Turns” (CBS)
Ed Dolan, Production Mixer
Frank Dimaulo, Production Mixer
Robert Mackler, Re-Recording Mixer
Matthew Griffin, Re-Recording Mixer
Peter J. Deverna, Boom Operator
Christopher Rennert, Boom Operator
Thomas J. Byrne, Boom Operator
Pat Breen, Boom Operator
“Days of Our Lives” (NBC)
Zoli Osaze, Post Production Mixer
Harry Young, Boom Operator
John Woods, Boom Operator
Jacqueline Frazier, Boom Operator
Al Magnone, Boom Operator
“General Hospital” (ABC)
Elyse Pecora, Production Mixer
Nick Kleissas, Production Mixer
Donald Smith, Post Production Mixer
Nicholas Marcus, Post Production Mixer
Fred Fryrear, Boom Operator
Paulette Schriener, Boom Operator
Christine Tyson, Boom Operator
Sandra Masone, Boom Operator
Stanley Magnone, Boom Operator
“The Young and the Restless” (CBS)
Tommy Persson, Production Mixer
Peter Mallard, Post-Production Mixer
Manuel Moreno, Post-Production Mixer
Dino Johnson, Post-Production Mixer
Mikael Persson, Pre-Production Mixer
Luis E. Godinez, Sr., Boom Operator
Mark Beckley, Boom Operator
Mark Mooney, Boom Operator
Lawrence Freeman, Boom Operator

“Legion of Super Heroes” (Kids WB!)
Edwin O. Collins, Production Mixer
Robert Hargreaves, Re-Recording Mixer
John K. Hegedes, Re-Recording Mixer
“Reading Rainbow” (PBS)
Bill Gardner, Re-Recording Mixer
“Sesame Street” (PBS)
Blake Norton, Production Mixer
Bob Schott, Re-Recording Mixer
Jim Czak, Re-Recording Mixer
Dick Maitland, Re-Recording Mixer
“Shaggy & Scooby-Doo Get a Clue!” (Kids WB!)
Edwin O. Collins, Production Mixer
Doug Andorka, Re-Recording Mixer

“The Ellen DeGeneres Show” (Syndication)
Victor Caruso, Technical Director
Chip Forrest Fraser Iv, Electronic Camera
Brian Loewe, Electronic Camera
Tim O’Neill, Electronic Camera
David Weeks, Electronic Camera
Paul Wileman, Electronic Camera
Brad Zerbst, Electronic Camera
Randy Johnson, Senior Video
“Jeopardy!” (Syndication)
Robert Ennis, Jr., Technical Director
Mike Tribble, Electronic Camera
Ray Reynolds, Electronic Camera
Diane Farrell, Electronic Camera
Jeff Schuster, Electronic Camera
Marc Hunter, Electronic Camera
L. David Irete, Electronic Camera
Ross Elliott, Video Control
“The Martha Stewart Show” (Syndication)
Sandor Z. Bondorowsky, Technical Director
Eddie Lenzo, Electronic Camera
Ellie Negler, Electronic Camera
Andrew Jansen, Electronic Camera
Len Wechsler, Electronic Camera
Richard Seibert, Electronic Camera
Anthony Giannantonio, Electronic Camera
Jim Tufaro, Electronic Camera
Ronald Rigoli, Electronic Camera
Stephen Chauncey, Senior Video Control
“Rachael Ray” (Syndication)
Richie Wirth, Technical Director
Mark Britt, Electronic Camera
Jim Tufaro, Electronic Camera
Mark Renaudin, Electronic Camera
Jim Scurti, Electronic Camera
Edward Staebler, Electronic Camera
Joseph Debonis, Electronic Camera
Yoneet (Yogi) Commare, Video Control
“The View” (ABC)
Rene M. Butler, Technical Director
Frank J. Cocchia, Electronic Camera
Reggie Drakeford, Electronic Camera
Russ Fortier, Electronic Camera
Rich Freedman, Electronic Camera
Eric Kendra, Electronic Camera
Denis Linehan, Electronic Camera
Trevor Thompson, Electronic Camera
Peter Blumenthal, Senior Video

“All My Children” (ABC)
Howie Zweig, Technical Director
Michael V. Pomarico, Technical Director
Adam Keith, Electronic Camera
Tom Shepard, Electronic Camera
Eric Johnson, Electronic Camera
Robert Ambrico, Electronic Camera
Mary Mcilwain, Electronic Camera
George Montanez, Electronic Camera
Frank Forsyth, Electronic Camera
William Tynan, Electronic Camera
Richard Westlein, Electronic Camera
Virginia Higgins, Video Control
“As the World Turns” (CBS)
John Kokinis, Technical Director
Robert Bellairs, Camera Operator
Barbara J. Langdon, Camera Operator
Greg Saccaro, Camera Operator
Warren Armstrong, Video Control
“Guiding Light” (CBS)
James Warden, Technical Director
Lydia Sue Keidel, Technical Director
Alexander Ciecierski, Technical Director
Jerry Gruen, Electronic Camera
Mark Schneider, Electronic Camera
Daniel Flaherty, Electronic Camera
Judith Willinger, Electronic Camera
Thomas Stallone, Electronic Camera
Gary Jelaso, Electronic Camera
Howard Rosenzweig, Senior Video
Larry Seigel, Senior Video
“One Life to Live” (ABC)
Rob Santeramo, Technical Director
Doug Schmitt, Technical Director
Barrin Bonet, Camera Operator
Joseph Puleo, Camera Operator
Lawrence Strack, Camera Operator
Thomas T. Tucker, Camera Operator
Richard Westlein, Camera Operator
Howard Zeidman, Camera Operator
Paul Martens, Camera Operator
John Shanoski, Senior Video Control

“Animal Rescue” (Syndication)
Alex Paen, Writer
“Child Stars: Teen Rockers” (A&E)
John Scheinfeld, Writer
“The Ellen DeGeneres Show” (Syndication)
Karen Kilgariff, Head Writer
Karen Anderson, Writer
Margaret Smith, Writer
Alison Balian, Writer
Danny Ceballos, Writer
Liz Feldman, Writer
Kevin A. Leman Ii, Writer
Ellen DeGeneres, Writer

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