Tribeca rents being what they are, 19-year-old Brady Corbet remains to be convinced that he can make a living at the whole acting thing. His roles, however, reveal serious artistic potential: a teen coping with childhood sexual abuse in Gregg Araki’s “Mysterious Skin,” a menacing young sadist in Michael Haneke’s “Funny Games U.S.”

At first, “Acting was a means to an end for me,” Corbet says. “I was interested in making films, not being in them.” He began taking acting classes in Colorado at age 7, traveling out to L.A. for auditions. “It wasn’t until I moved to Los Angeles at 13 years old that I finally got a real job. That was the film ‘Thirteen.'”

That led to a leading role in “Thunderbirds” and a flurry of attention from the Tigerbeat crowd. But Corbet saw himself as more than a centerfold. “I’ve been very lucky. I’ve been able to work with some real filmmakers, real auteurs,” he says.