Universal selects ‘Selection’

Stuber, Parent slated to produce film

Universal has snapped up spec script “Unnatural Selection” from tyro writer Cameron Fay in a preemptive mid-six-figure deal that also calls for him to direct.

Mary Parent and Scott Stuber will produce the romantic comedy for Stuber/Parent.

Story revolves around an underachiever who picks up women out of his league by befriending them, then finds his match in an old female pal from college, who’s now divorced and has a child.

Fay said the story’s inspired by one of his best friends from childhood.

Fay began writing the script last summer with the intent to direct and submitted it late last year.

He started writing and directing short films while at NYU, where he graduated in 2003. His senior short, “Fishing for Trauster,” won awards on the smaller fest circuit. “Tom’s War on Terror” is bowing at the South by Southwest fest next week.

Stuber and Parent stepped down as production chiefs at Universal at the end of 2005 and signed a five-year exclusive producing pact with the studio. They produced “You, Me and Dupree” and the upcoming “The Kingdom.”

UTA reps Fay, who is managed by Ilan Breil of Mosaic Media.