8:45 A.M.

Mongol (Beta) AMC 2

Closing the Ring (ContentFilm) AM AMC 6

Before the Devil Knows You’re Dead (Capitol Films) Broadway 3

Sovereign’s Servant (Central Partnership) Broadway 4

Gangster (Nonstop) Le Merigot 5

9 A.M.

Jack and Jill vs. the World (Myriad) AMC 1

Chrysalis (Gaumont) AMC 4

Snipers Valley (Telepool) AMC 5

Black Irish (Mainline) Broadway 1

99 Francs (Pathe) Fairmont 1

Futureshock: Comet Impact (SevenOne) Fairmont 2

Deep Winter (Ocule) Fairmont 3

Colma (Maximum) Le Merigot 2

My Dream (China Film Promotion) Mann 6

Cow Boy (UGC) Monica 1

My Brother Is an Only Child (ThinkFilm) Monica 2

They Wait (Boll) Monica 3

11 A.M.

The Wall Man (Pony Canyon) AMC 1

Before the Rains (Maximum) AMC 5

Headless Ghost (Sahamongkolfilm) AMC 6

Bombil and Beatrice (iDream Independent) AMC 7

Cherries (China Film Promotion) Broadway 3

Rec (Filmax) Broadway 4

After Sex (Arclight) Fairmont 1

The Suit (Night Light) Fairmont 2

Apartment 1303 (MonteCristo) Fairmont 3

Breathing Room (Imagination) Fairmont 4

The Fifth Patient (Shoreline) Fairmont 5

The Girl in the Park (QED) Mann 2

Milky Way (Hungaricom) Mann 5

Young People Fucking (ThinkFilm) Mann 6

Rockaway (Cinemavault) Monica 1

True Enough (Films Distribution) Monica 4

1 P.M.

Berlin (Fortissimo) AMC 2

Stuck Together (Gaumont) AMC 4

Killing Zelda Sparks (Shoreline) AMC 6

Complete Idiot (Telepool) Broadway 3

Redacted (HDNet) Fairmont 1

10 Questions for the Dalai Lama (Inferno) Fairmont 2

Senseless (Shoreline) Fairmont 3

Graduation (North by Northwest) Fairmont 5

The Class (Nonstop) Le Merigot 5

Blue Blood (Cinemavault) Mann 2

Numb (Fries) Mann 5

Americanizing Shelley (iDream Independent) Mann 6

Fata morgana (Beta) Monica 2

3 P.M.

32A (Beta) AMC 2

Monkey Magic (Fuji) AMC 6

The Girl Next Door (Altadena) AMC 7

One More Night (Tricoast) Fairmont 1

Delhi Boom! (Minerva) Fairmont 2

Senior Skip Day (North by Northwest) Fairmont 3

Canvas (Cinemavault) Fairmont 4

Surfwise (HDNet) Fairmont 5

Black Brush (Hungaricom) Le Merigot 3

My Winnipeg (Maximum) Mann 2

Blood Brothers (Fortissimo) Mann 5

5 P.M.

Stuck (Rigel) Fairmont 1

Frank (North by Northwest) Fairmont 2

Chapter 27 (Peace Arch) Fairmont 4

Living Hell (Odd Lot) Fairmont 5

Hope and a Little Sugar (Cinemavault) Monica 4

NOV. 7

11 A.M.

Isolated (Worldwide Films) Le Merigot 5

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