Pusan announces funded titles

27 features to receive financial support

The Pusan Intl. Film Festival has announced the titles of 27 films that will receive financial support under its new Asian Cinema Fund.

The ACF combines the previously existing Asian Network of Documentary fund with two new programs: the Independent Feature Script and Project Development fund and the Independent Feature Post-Production Support fund.

In the latter category, six films were chosen to receive support for digital intermediate processes to be carried out in South Korea. Recipients include the timely “Opium War” by helmer Siddiq Barmak, two titles by rising Korean independent filmmakers, and first and second films from China and Thailand.

Selected pics are not strictly required to premiere in Pusan, though all except “Opium War” will be finished by the festival’s opening and many are expected to be included in the program.

Meanwhile, grants of 10 million won ($10,600) were extended to eight projects in development, including work by Indian director Murali Nair, Filipino Brillante Mendoza, Korean Jeon Soo-il, Chinese Liu Hao and Malaysian Tan Chui Mui, who took home PIFF’s top prize last year with “Love Conquers All.”

Finally, eight Asian and five Korean documentaries were selected to receive from $5,300 to $10,600 each from the Asian Network of Documentary fund.

“Most funding bodies of this type are located in Europe,” said Thai helmer Aditya Assarat. “Being chosen by ACF gives us the ability to finish to celluloid, whereas we originally expected we would only be able to finish to tape. This is a great opportunity for us.”


Post-Production Support (Digital Intermediate, with starred films also receiving Final Mixing)

  • “Wonderful Town” (Thailand), dir. Aditya Assarat
  • “Life Track (Gueh-Do)” (China), dir. Jin Guang Hao
  • “Fujian Blue” (China), dir. Ming Weng Shou “Opium War” (Afghanistan), dir. Siddiq Barmak
  • “Hello, Stranger” (S. Korea), dir. Kim Dong-hyun
  • “My Song Is …” (S. Korea), dir. Ahn Seul-ki

Script and Project Development Fund ($10,600)

  • “Addicted to Love” (China), dir. Liu Hao
  • “Serbis” (Philippines), dir. Brillante Mendoza
  • “Virgin Goat” (India), dir. Murali Nair
  • “Waiting for Snow in Kyantan” (Malaysia), dir. Tan Chui Mui
  • “Eclipse” (S. Korea), dir. Son Young-sung
  • “Goblin” (S. Korea), dir. Yang Hae-hoon
  • “Winter Cherry” (S. Korea), dir. Cho Eun-hee
  • “Girl of the Himalayas” (S Korea), dir. Jeon Soo-il

Asian Network of Documentary

  • “In Search of the Riyal” (Nepal), dir. Kesang Tseten
  • “Jalanan” (Indonesia), dir. Daniel Ziv
  • “Kongcheng Ji” (China), dir. Dan Ji
  • “My Camera and Tsunami” (India), dir. Venkatramani Ramakrishnan
  • “School” (China), dir. Tie Wei
  • “The Convert” (Thailand), dir. Panu Aree
  • “Utopia” (China), dir. Wang Yiren
  • “Waiting for Herzog” (India), dir. Shaan Khattau
  • “The 5th Eye” (S. Korea), dir. Mi Young
  • “Women From Farmland” (S. Korea), dir. Kwon Woo-jung
  • “The Smaller, the Prettier” (S. Korea), dir. Yoon Doc-hyun
  • “Black Mountain, Black Dirt and the Sky” (S. Korea), dir. Kim Young-jo
  • “Naming Me” (S. Korea), dir. Han Seungeuk