Lee Chang-dong, director and New Currents jury member at the Pusan Film Festival.

How many times have you attended the Pusan Intl. Film Festival?
I don’t remember the exact number of tmes. But perhap seven or eight.

What’s your fondest festival memory?
Of course it would be the experience of encountering so many extraordinary films in the theater.

What do you feel sets Pusan apart from other fests?
First and foremost is the enthusiasm you feel from the people who come to the festival. They are young, passionate and people who love cinema. You don’t have to be a Hollywood top star director to have them flock to you for your autograph. But do not trust their enthusiasm too much. I question whether they line up at the theater after the festival ends to see your film.

What are your festival expectations?
I wish we can all leave the festival with a great sense of satisfaction. To experience this festival not as one among many, but as a truly special one. Where directors can meet with new film producers and distributors to discuss their next project.

What are you most looking forward to?
A moment when I truly feel it was worthwhile becoming a film director.

What films do you anticipate seeing?
Lee Isaac Chung’s film, Hou Hsiao Hsien’s new film and Edward Yang’s films.

Who’s your favorite Asian filmmaker?
Hou Hsiao Hsien

How about favorite Asian actor or actress?
Maggie Cheung, Gong Li, Tony Leung. I also like the actors and actresses I’ve worked

with such as Song Kang-ho, Sol Kyung-koo, Jeon Do-yeon, Moon So-ri.

What is your favorite film of all time?
It is more difficult to suggest one film than several films. However, I don’t want to bore

you with the several films I like.

Who are you most looking forward to meeting at the festival?
Friends who I can meet, connect with and understand through film.

What’s your favorite Korean dish?
The raw fish with Korean liquor, soju, I can eat and drink along the Haeundae Beach.

What Korean food do you recommend visitors try?
The codfish soup (daegoo tang) we normally eat in the morning after a long night of heavy drinking.

Can we anticipate running into you at a beach bar during the fest?
Like always, and for all the people who seek Busan during this time, it is an inevitable fact.

What will you be drinking?
In fact I suffer from an alcohol allergy, but I will have to drink.

Where are you going after the fest?
My home located on the outskirts of Seoul. But after a short break, I will be heading for Europe, then Japan and China.