Manager-producer Jimmy Miller has restructured the Miller Co., naming Julie Darmody president of the management division and hiring Michael Aguilar as president of production.

The company, a division of the Mosaic Media Group, restructures almost a year after Miller quietly parted ways with longtime partner Eric Gold. Both continue to co-manage Jim Carrey.

The promotion of Darmody and the hiring of Aguilar signals an intention to grow the Miller Co., which has seven talent managers and four production executives. Growth emphasis comes particularly on the production side, which just wrapped the Will Ferrell starrer “Semi-Pro” at New Line, and has five projects ready to be put in production by early next year. That includes three films at Sony, where the Miller Co. has its first-look deal.The fast tracked projects are:

  • “Marathon,” a David Sussman-scripted Sony comedy hatched by Miller and Ferrell, about a man who followed his girlfriend into long-distance running. When she dumps him at the start line of a marathon, he goes through the five stages of grief –all during the race.

  • “Bronze Gods,” a Peter Huyck and Alex Gregory-scripted Sony comedy about a quartet of tan-obsessed thirtyish guys with unfulfilled lives, who reunite as a beach volleyball team and take a shot at greatness in a competition in Southern California.

  • “Moon People,” a Sony comedy about space exploration gone bad that was written by “Daily Show” correspondent Demetri Martin and “Ali G Show” director James Bobin. Martin will co-star and Bobin will direct.

  • “She’s Out of My League,” a DreamWorks comedy scripted by Sean Anders and John Morris, about an airport security man who has to overcome his own insecurities when the perfect woman asks him out. Seth Gordon (“The King of Kong”) directs.

  • “Land of the Lost,” a Universal comedy based on the Sid and Marty Krofft kidshow, which Chris Henchy and Dennis McNicholas wrote as a star vehicle for Ferrell.

Miller runs both components of the company, but wanted a chief for each growing division. While he continues to rep the likes of Carrey, Ferrell, Jay Roach, Sacha Baron Cohen, Judd Apatow and Adam McKay, he said that longtime associate Darmody was the right choice to run the management side. She began working with him 15 years ago as an assistant at Messina Baker Miller, where he was a partner.

Darmody has been a manager at Gold/Miller and now the Miller Co. for 12 years, and aside from working closely with Ferrell, her client list includes Sarah Silverman, “Saturday Night Live’s” Andy Samberg and Will Forte, Jon Heder, Isla Fisher, Matthew Lillard, Dax Shepard, Masi Oka (“Heroes”), Henchy, and Jorma Taccone and Akiva Schaffer, Samberg’s collaborators on the “SNL” short films and the upcoming Par comedy “Hod Rod.”

Aguilar arrives from Penn Station Entertainment, the production company he started in 2003 with writer-producer Dean Georgaris. A co-producer on “The Departed,” Aguilar recently produced “Unaccompanied Minors” and “Patriotville,” exec produced “Constantine” and is in preproduction on the Ashton Kutcher-Cameron Diaz 20th Century Fox comedy “What Happens In Vegas.” He previously ran the Donner Co., was a Paramount creative exec and director of development at RKO Pictures.

“This is the perfect time for Julie to step up to a more senior position here,” Miller said. “She has one of the best lists in town and has become one of the great managers in the business. Michael’s arrival here will greatly help drive our production. He knows how to take a film from A to Z, which is not an easy thing to do.”

Aguilar said that parting with Georgaris was amicable. Aside from “What Happens in Vegas,” he and Georgaris will continue to shepherd a remake of the George Romero film “The Crazies,” and “36,” a remake of the French film “36 Quai des Orfevres,” which Georgaris is writing as a star vehicle for Robert De Niro.

“Dean and I will always be close, but he’s a guy who makes his primary living as a writer, and he knew this was an opportunity for me to make several movies a year,” Aguilar said. “This will always be Jimmy’s show, but there is an opportunity to build a very strong and prolific production division. There is great material here, and a strong mix of established and emerging talent in the management division.”