International team ‘Starting’ feature

Bursztejn, Wang team on film

French producer Sylvain Bursztejn will continue his partnership with Chinese director Wang Chao in the helmer’s fourth outing, “Starting Over.”

“We have known each other for a long time. It is more like a friendship now,” said Bursztejn at the Shanghai Intl. Film Festival on Thursday.

Wang has solid arthouse credentials, especially in Europe where his last film, “Luxury Car,” won Un Certain Regard at Cannes in 2006.

Bursztejn has been a long-time supporter of China’s arthouse scene, with seven Chinese films to his name including Lou Ye’s controversial “Summer Palace.” It’s the third time he has worked with Wang.

The film, whose $2 million budget is coming from a combination of Chinese and European sources, was announced at the Berlin Film Festival’s co-production market in February.

It will be a co-production between Bursztejn’s Rosem Films and Hangzhou-based Zhejiang Golden Globe Pictures. Golden Globe’s Chen Jinhai will take producer credits alongside Bursztejn.

“I’ve made three arthouse movies so far,” said Wang, whose underground track record means he is still relatively unknown in his home territory. “They were basically aimed at foreign markets and overseas film festivals. But this new film represents a new direction for me. I am happy to call it commercial. And I am really hoping it will have an impact on the Chinese market.”

Film will be scripted by Wang. Set in Hangzhou, two hours’ drive from Shanghai, “Starting Over” is a contempo love story about a cheating wife and her husband. Following a car crash, the wife suffers from amnesia — forgetting the last several years of her life — and the husband rushes to build their relationship again before she remembers her lover.