Hubert Bals picks four projects

Latin American, Chinese films chosen

BRUSSELS — The Rotterdam Film Festival’s Hubert Bals Fund has handed coin to two Latin American and two Chinese filmmakers in the latest round of support for low-budget digital projects.

Paz Encina of Paraguay is chosen for “Un suspiro” (A Sigh), about a brief moment in the lives of two brothers on the run from the forces of dictator Alfredo Stroessner. Pic, to be co-directed with Manuel Nieto Zas of Uruguay, will be her second after “Hamaca Paraguaya.”

Mexico’s Eugenio Polgovsky is selected for “Los herederos” (The Inheritors), a contemplative journey through the poverty stricken lives of working children in the Mexican countryside.

The successful projects from China are Liu Jiayin’s “Oxhide II,” which will continue her minimalist portrayal of a family and the decline of their business, and Wang Bing’s “Cai You Ri Ji” (The Journey of Crude Oil), in which he documents oil extraction in the Gobi Desert. Pic will build on “Tie Xi Qu” (West of the Rails), his epic account of China’s heavy industry in decay.

The grants are worth up to Euros 20,000 ($28,000) apiece.