8:45 A.M.

Mongol (Beta) AMC 1

Sovereign’s Servant (Central Partnership) Broadway 3

Walker Payne (Screen Media) Le Merigot 2

The Sun Also Rises (Emperor) Mandarin Mann 2

Promise Me This (StudioCanal) Monica 1

9 A.M.

The Babysitters (Peace Arch) AMC 2

Sun of Tibet (China Film Promotion) AMC 3

American East (Distant Horizon) AMC 4

George A. Romero’s Diary of the Dead (Voltage) AMC 5

Clubland (Goalpost) AMC 6

The House (Golden Network Asia) AMC 7

Flash Point (Mandarin) Broadway 1

Fifth Commandment (Boll) Broadway 2

Complete Idiot (Telepool) Broadway 4

Hatchet (Echo Bridge) Fairmont 1

Someone Else (MonteCristo) Fairmont 2

In the Shadow of the Moon (Channel 4) Fairmont 3

Zoo (ThinkFilm) Fairmont 4

Planet B-Boy (Elephant Eye) Fairmont 5

Intergalactic Combat (Centre Films) Le Merigot 1

Fall Down Dead (New Films) Le Merigot 3

Who Loves the Sun (Dream) Le Merigot 5

And When Did You Last See Your Father? (Intandem) Mann 1

The King of Kong: A Fistful of Quarters (HBO) Mann 4

Triangle (Celluloid Dreams) Mann 5

Le Grand Chef (Show East) Mann 6

All Hat (Myriad) Monica 2

Always Sunset on Third Street 2 (Nippon TV) Monica 3

The Tattooist (New Zealand Film Commission) Monica 4

11 A.M.

Man of Glass (Beta) AMC 1

Tunnel Rats (Boll) AMC 2

Saw IV (Mandate) AMC 3

Chrysalis (GA.M.nt) AMC 4

Fados (Latido) AMC 5

La Riviere aux castors (TF1) AMC 6

The Girl Next Door (Altadena) AMC 7

Make a Wish (Sogepaq) Broadway 1

Borderline (Max) Broadway 2

El pasado (ThinkFilm) Broadway 3

Battle in Seattle (Hyde Park) Broadway 4

Elvis and Anabelle (Goldcrest) Fairmont 1

Hide (Artist View) Fairmont 2

Crazy (Spotlight) Fairmont 3

Kill Buljo (Imagination Worldwide) Fairmont 4

The World in Two Round Trips (Media Luna) Le Merigot 1

Sunstorm (with Dark Floors promo) (Nordisk) Le Merigot 2

The Box (Bleiberg) Le Merigot 3

Ghostwood (Nonstop) Le Merigot 5

Dangerous Parking (Velvet Octopus) Mann 1

The Neighbor (Curb) Mann 2

Behind the Smile (ThinkFilm) Mann 3

The Signs of Love (Shochiku) Mann 4

My Dream (China Film Promotion) Mann 6

Love Comes Lately (Fortissimo) Monica 1

Fear(s) of the Dark (Celluloid Dreams) Monica 2

Always Sunset on Third Street 2 (Nippon TV) Monica 3

Cow Boy (UGC) Monica 4

1 P.M.

Married Life (Kimmel) AMC 1

The Brutal Hopelessness of Love (Toei) AMC 2

Evangelion: 1.0 You Are (Not) Alone (Nippon TV) AMC 3

Frontier(s) (EuropaCorp) AMC 4

Far North (Celluloid Dreams) AMC 5

Night (Becker) AMC 6

Opapatika (Sahamongkolfilm) AMC 7

Encarnacion (Bavaria) Broadway 1

Black Irish (Mainline) Broadway 2

Mother of Tears (Myriad) Broadway 3

Black House (CJ) Broadway 4

With Your Permission (with Dark Floors promo) (Nordisk) Fairmont 1

The Rage (Screen Media) Fairmont 2

Passed the Door of Darkness (Night Light) Fairmont 3

Alien Agent (Fries) Fairmont 4

Lost Colony (American World) Fairmont 5

Agent Crush (Fantastic Films) Le Merigot 1

Crossroads (Artist View) Le Merigot 2

Jetsam (Jinga Films) Le Merigot 3

The Girl in the Park (QED) Mann 1

Death Defying Acts (Myriad) Mann 2

My Winnipeg (Maximum) Mann 3

The Age of Man (UGC) Mann 5

Intervention (New Films) Mann 6

City of Men (Lumina) Monica 1

La Vie d’artiste (Films Distribution) Monica 3

Purple Violets (Showcase) Monica 4

3 P.M.

Sky of Love – Someone I Love Is There (TBS) AMC 1

The Good Life (Epic Pictures) AMC 3

That Day (Media Luna) AMC 4

The Ramen Girl (Media 8) AMC 5

Help Me Eros (Fortissimo) AMC 6

The Suicide Song (Shochiku) Broadway 1

His Majesty Minor (StudioCanal) Broadway 2

Fermat’s Room (Notro) Broadway 3

Rise of the Footsoldier (Carnaby) Broadway 4

The Machine Girl (Nikkatsu) Fairmont 1

Murder Party (Screen Media) Fairmont 2

Hiding Victoria (Worldwide) Fairmont 3

Midnight Clear (Cinemavault) Fairmont 4

The Zombie Diaries (Imagination Worldwide) Fairmont 5

Hannah Takes the Stairs (Visit) Le Merigot 1

3 Minute Moments (Centre Films) Le Merigot 2

Sex and Breakfast (New Films) Le Merigot 3

Kenny (Mainline) Le Merigot 5

Lars and the Real Girl (Kimmel) Mann 1

Sukiyaki Western Django (Celluloid Dreams) Mann 2

Youth Without Youth (Pathe) Mann 3

Assembly (Huayi Bros.) Mann 4

Shadows (Bavaria) Mann 5

Daylight Robbery (AV) Mann 6

Just Buried (Global Cinema) Monica 1

Body (Tai Hub) Monica 2

They Wait (Boll) Monica 3

Nocturna (Filmax) Monica 4

5 P.M.

Carnera (Epic) Fairmont 1

The Perfect Hideout (American Cinema) Fairmont 2

Breathing Room (Imagination Worldwide) Fairmont 3

Negative Happy, Chainsaw Edge (Nikkatsu) Fairmont 4

Raging Inferno (SevenOne) Fairmont 5

Vanaja (iDream Independent) Le Merigot 1

How to Lose Friends and Alienate People (promo) (Intandem) Le Merigot 2

Spiral (Inferno) Le Merigot 3

Persistence of Vision: The Life and Work of Jack Cardiff (Jinga) Le Merigot 5

24 Measures (MK2) Monica 1

Shadows in the Palace (CJ) Monica 2

Hero (Fuji) Monica 3

7 P.M.

Love Notes (American Cinema) Fairmont 1

80 Minutes (American Cinema) Fairmont 2

Mr. Untouchable (HDNet) Fairmont 3

The Ten (Arclight) Fairmont 4

Speed and Angels (Epic) Fairmont 5

Eye of the Dolphin (Quantum) Le Merigot 1

Nov. 2 (ABC Media Films) Le Merigot 2

Killer Pad (Epic) Le Merigot 3

Gangster (Nonstop) Le Merigot 5

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