Filmart tops chart

Attendees rank event Asia's top bazaar

HONG KONG — Hong Kong’s Filmart, which saw more visitors and exhibitors this year, continues to be ranked the top features market in Asia, according to a survey.

The four-day event that wrapped Friday was rated the most important market in Asia by 53% of respondents, beating Japan’s Tokyo Film Market (21%) and the Asian Film Market at Pusan, South Korea (15%).

The Hong Kong-Asian Film Financing Forum also scored high with half of respondents saying it was the most important financing event in Asia, beating the Pusan Promotion Plan and Tokyo Project Gathering.

The survey was conducted by independent market research company Oracle Addedvalue on the first two days of Filmart and involved 332 respondents — 80 exhibitors and 252 exhibitors — during face-to-face interviews.   

Filmart visitor numbers climbed 20% this year even though it might have seemed slow going on the tradeshow floor, which actually spanned three floors at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center.

As of the third day, visitors from outside Hong Kong numbered 1,900 with total visitors at 3,400. Final figures weren’t available at presstime.

Exhibitor numbers were also up by more than 11% to 453 from 30 countries and regions.

“Filmart over the years has become a truly global event,” said Raymond Yip, director of service promotion for Hong Kong’s Trade Development Council.

The survey reaffirmed Hong Kong’s role as the gateway to China and the rest of Asia with the majority of respondents saying it was the best platform for co-production opportunities and to meet buyers from China and Asia.

Around 70% of companies planned to expand or start a business in Hong Kong or China in the next three years.

The TV industry in particular was keen with 90% of respondents saying they were interested in building their business in these two places.

Digital Entertainment also scored high. It ranked the top world trend, followed by cross-media convergence and mobile device broadcasting.

Growth prospects for the digital entertainment industry are very good, according to 90% of respondents, compared with 66% last year.

Respondents thought the combination of digital entertainment and film had the highest potential for growth in the next two years, beating TV and music.

More than half of respondents said Hong Kong was the top source for content acquisition.  

Top genres for film were action/kung fu, comedy, drama and horror/animation. Comedy topped the list for TV, while digital entertainment preferred action/kung fu, animation and comedy.