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Digital Domain ups Mark Miller

Exec's credits include 'Transformers,' 'A.I.'

Mark Miller has been upped from president to CEO of Digital Domain, replacing Carl Stork, who is ankling from exec duties but will remain on the board.

Miller is a longtime collaborator of Michael Bay, co-owner and co-chairman of Digital Domain. Miller’s credits include Bay’s “Tranformers,” along with “Minority Report” and “A.I.”

He joined the company just a year ago, enticed along with two other top executives from Industrial Lights and Magic, soon after Wyndcrest Holdings, in which Bay is a principal, took control. Miller, who will keep his prexy title, worked at ILM for 22 years.

Stork will remain with Digital Domain as vice chairman.

Shift comes as Digital Domain is, like most other f/x shops, coping with tighter schedules and budgets and considering moves into related areas such as animation and videogames. Among the company’s recent pic credits is Disney’s global blockbuster “Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End.”