After setting up several film adaptations of its comicbooks around town, Devil’s Due Publishing is settling down in Hollywood, tapping Stephen Christy to run the company’s Los Angeles office.

New hire comes just as Chicago-based Devil’s Due set up an adaptation of alien-invasion comicbook “Drafted” at New Line. Benderspink picked up the property this summer to produce as a feature.

Christy will serve as manager of intellectual property development, overseeing adaptations of Devil’s Due properties as films, TV shows and videogames. He’ll also work on developing graphic novels and books for third-party production companies.

Until now, Devil’s Due prexy Josh Blaylock has been shepherding the publisher’s entertainment efforts, working with William Morris Agency, which reps the company.

Company also licenses rights to publish comicbooks based on “Sheena: Queen of the Jungle,” “G.I. Joe” and “Voltron.”

Devil’s Due is upping its presence in town just as other indie comicbook publishers, such as Dark Horse, IDW, Top Cow, Image and Tokyopop, are emerging from the shadows of Marvel and DC and setting up deals for their books.

In addition to “Drafted,” publisher has film versions of more horror-themed actioners “Lost Squad” and “Hack/Slash” set up at Rogue Pictures, with Adrian Askarieh and Daniel Alter producing.

Devil’s Due also recently announced a deal with Uclick to make several of its titles, including “Xombie,” “Breakdown,” “Mercy Sparx” and “Misplaced,” available for AT&T, Verizon and Sprint mobile phone customers this fall through the GoComics Mobile Comic Book Reader.

“For a while, we’ve been looking to open a satellite office in Los Angeles in order to fully be able to exploit these opportunities, and Steve is the perfect person to spearhead this expansion,” Blaylock said. “It’s a huge benefit for us to have someone with one leg in the comicbook industry and one leg in the film and TV industry helping to bring our comics from page to screen.”

Christy previously worked in development at Marvel Entertainment and served as a producer on reality shows including “America’s Next Top Model,” “The Real World” and “The Shot.”