‘Crusade’ corrals top Golden Calf

Sombogaart's film tops Netherlands festival

BRUSSELS — The Netherlands Film Festival’s top prize, the Golden Calf for film, went to helmer Ben Sombogaart’s “Kruistocht in Spijkerbroek” (Crusade in Jeans), as the fest closed on Saturday.

Pic involves a 15-year old boy who is transported back to the Middle Ages, where he is caught up in the Children’s Crusade. The award was given to producer Kees Kasander.

Mijke de Jong’s intimate divorce drama “Tussenstand” (Stages) received the most nods — for director, femme lead Elsie de Brauw, sound and the nod from the nation’s film critics.

Peter Greenaway got the best script award for “Nightwatching,” also a Kasander production, while Maarten Piersma got the award for his production design on the film.

Marcel Hensema was named best actor for helmer Jean van de Velde’s “Wild Romance.” Richard van Oosterhout grabbed an award for lensing on Nanouk Leopold’s “Wolfsbergen.”

The public prize went to helmer Mischa Kamp’s “Waar is het Paard van Sinterklaas?” (Where is Winky’s Horse).