Cinema Tout Ecran to honor Mann

Vintage 'Vice' and 'Starsky' on show

ZURICH — Cinema Tout Ecran, the Swiss fest that embraces fare made for the big and small screen, is to pay tribute to producer-helmer-scribe Michael Mann, fest head Leo Kaneman announced Tuesday.

The Geneva-set event, which runs Oct. 29-Nov. 4, will screen a selection of TV pics and skein episodes written by Mann, including “Starsky & Hutch” and “Miami Vice.”

As in previous years, the event has a sharp political edge to it. Hard-hitting dramas are embedded throughout the program, such as “The Mark of Cain,” which deals with British involvement in Iraq, antiwar satire “The Trial of Tony Blair” and “Les Predateurs,” an account of the Elf corruption scandal in France.

Hollywood skeins are also part of the mix, with the first public screenings outside the U.S. of NBC Universal’s “Bionic Woman” and Sony Pictures’ “Damages,” starring Glenn Close.

Francophone Quebec gets a special program as part of the short film sidebar, which also screens fare from Switzerland, Russia, Brazil and the Czech Republic.

Fest also features a competish for pics made on cell phones.

The fest’s industry sidebar, the Geneva Select Market, will offer a video on demand service for the first time this year.