The scoop: The Netherlands’ film fund has an annual budget of $37 million. Coin is given as a direct grant of up to 35% of the pic’s budget with a ceiling of $3.4 million. Productions have to meet three out of seven Dutch cultural criteria. Meanwhile, the Belgian tax shelter, which was set up in 2003, has just been given another lease on life until 2009. The scheme uses middlemen between producers and investors with the largest being the Motion Investment Group, which helps to co-finance and/or co-produce by contributing up to 20% of equity. There are not many reasons why one might travel to tiny Luxembourg to film except money, and that’s exactly what’s available through the tried and tested Audiovisual Investment Certificate. The scheme can provide up to 25% of Luxembourg spend, though there’s a ceiling of $8 million. Perfect for interiors as local soundstages are well-equipped, there’s very little on offer as far as exteriors or locations are concerned.

Bonus: The Dutch Antilles, which includes Curacao and offers offshore tax shelters, form an autonomous part of the Netherlands, so producers can go Dutch on white-sand beaches.

Shot there: “Black Book”; “Flawless”; “Fly Me to the Moon”

Hot spot: Rotterdam and Northern Amsterdam feature some of the most exciting examples of modern architecture in Europe and have had little exposure in English-language feature films.