WIF Honoree: Uta Briesewitz

Cinematographer wins Kodak Vision Award

In her native Germany, cinematographer and Kodak Vision Award honoree Uta Briesewitz worked as a television camera operator shooting sports and music events on video, where she specialized in super-slow-motion photography working with long lenses. It’s a style that later found traction at HBO — particularly on “The Wire,” which she shot for 2½ seasons — where speed, visual density and creating a film look on a TV budget were institutionally in demand.

After graduating from the Berlin Film and Television Academy, Briesewitz pursued an MFA at the American Film Institute in Los Angeles, where she shot Brad Anderson’s “Next Stop Wonderland” on Super 16 before graduating. She has since worked in HD on the indie features “Seven and a Match” and Anderson’s “Session 9,” and just shot her first studio feature, Jake Kasdan’s upcoming “Walk Hard,” on Genesis. She also just shot the pilot for David Milch’s new HBO series “John from Cincinnati.”

“I see many women coming into this business right now, especially through the whole reality TV world,” says Briesewitz. “I definitely felt like I had to prove myself a little bit longer. But in the end, if you have a really good reel, you have to be able to deliver that work, and in the time that is given to you.”