Some ’80s ideas for the bigscreen

Pop culture suggestions for Hollywood

If Hollywood is turning to toy chests for new movies, maybe it’s starting to run out of ideas. So here are some suggestions for studio heads or producers looking for a piece of ’80s pop culture to adapt to the bigscreen.

  • Hungry Hungry Hippos: In the board game, four hippos try to chomp as many marbles as possible. Just picture the horror movie, where the giant beasties consume helpless tourists in the jungle. Hey, it worked for snakes and alligators.

  • Little People: If the SIMS — the computer game in which virtual people do ordinary things in their virtual environment — can be made into a movie, then Fisher-Price’s toy for toddlers where figures find themselves in ordinary situations (at home, at a farm, in an airport) is just as filmworthy. And just think, the title’s politically correct, too.

  • Teddy Ruxpin: The animatronic plushie was a jibber-jabbering bear that told stories and sang songs of his adventures. Move over Paddington.

  • Dino-Riders: If there’s one thing males want, it’s an action movie starring giant robots beating each other up in the streets. They’re getting that with “Transformers.” Now give them a movie with heavily armored dinosaurs that stomp into battle and blast away enemies with missiles and lasers. Seriously.

  • My Pet Monster: The “Gremlins” franchise is tired, and boys would spark to the idea of a kid with a sharp-fanged purple monster shackled in orange handcuffs, the way the toy did.

  • Wacky WallWalkers: They were octopus-shaped blobs that would crawl down walls when hurled at them. What’s the plot? Well, if NBC could produce an animated holiday special about WallWalkers searching for the true meaning of Christmas, then surely an A-list screenwriter can figure something out.

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