Radicals to agitate in Rotterdam

Festival features Jamie, Breer

LONDON — The Rotterdam International Film Festival, set to unspool Jan. 23-Feb. 3, is taking an experimental turn under new fest director Rutger Wolfson.

The 37th edition of the fest will focus on the Free Radicals school of cinema and include dedicated sidebars on contemporary artist Cameron Jamie and innovative filmmaker Robert Breer.

American rock metal band The Melvins will perform the soundtrack of three of Jamie’s films live, while abstract Japanese guitarist Haino Keiji will provide the live score to Jamie’s latest film, “JO.”

Fest organizers will hold a retrospective of Breer’s work, which mixes art and animation.

Free Radicals is a term lifted from chemistry used to describe molecules or atoms that have the potential to provoke extreme reactions.

Fest will also include one sidebar called Exploding Cinema, which looks at developments in experimental filmmaking, as well as another entitled Starting From Scratch, which focuses on avant-garde filmmakers working on ultra-low budgets. French film collective Cellule d’Intervention Metamkine has been tapped to take part in the section.