Org pushes for production incentives

Policymakers to gather, discuss policies

The Asian Film Commissions Network has announced an ambitious forum planned for 2008 that will bring policymakers from across Asia to Busan to discuss the need for production incentives.

“It’s not easy to put production incentives in place, but if we bring the decision makers here we can educate them about successful policies from other countries,” said AFCNet President Park Kwang-su.

“We’ve devoted a considerable budget to this effort, and we’ll be working all year to make sure that the forum is a success.”

Scheduled during next year’s Bifcom Oct. 11-13, the tentatively titled Asia-Pacific Film Industry Policy Forum will be sponsored by the Busan Metropolitan Government, and will discuss the diversity of support systems across Asia, tax credits and cash rebates such as those introduced by Singapore, and co-production treaties.

AFCNet vice president Deborah Gabinetti of the Bali Film Center says that in her country there is serious interest in examining such policies.

“We’ve received very strong signs of interest from the trade minister, and even the president has spoken up about the need for attracting international productions to Indonesia.”

Should policymakers show an interest in continued meetings past 2008, AFCNet is prepared to organize them, said Park.

Other items discussed at the AFCNet General Assembly include the approval of six new members including Gold Coast City Council (Australia), the National Film Development Corp. of Malaysia, the Film Development Council of the Philippines, the Thailand Film Office, and the Cheongpung and Jeju film commissions from Korea, bringing the total to 34 regular members from 11 countries.