Lionsgate will develop a feature about the formative years of theoretical physicist, mathematician and 20th century icon Albert Einstein.

Company has acquired worldwide life rights to Einstein, as well as Walter Isaacson-penned biography “Einstein: His Life and Universe.”

The film will be produced by Alan and Gabe Polsky. Isaacson, the former Time managing editor who became the first biographer to gain access to Einstein’s private archives, will be an exclusive consultant on the film. A screenwriter will be enlisted shortly.

Einstein willed his correspondence and papers to the Hebrew U. of Jerusalem, which granted the rights to the producers through the Corbis Agency. The producers said the film will focus on Einstein’s life from ages 20 to 40, ending around the time that he won the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1921.

“That is when he was at his most prolific, a rebellious character who challenged every theory and was ostracized by the scientific community, but who redefined how we look at the world and how energy plays into everything we do,” said Alan Polsky.

Gabe Polsky said the film will also explore Einstein’s personal struggles and his romantic relationships. Einstein had a reputation for philandering in his formative years.

Production prexy Mike Paseornek said Lionsgate became convinced the story had the makings of a mainstream film.