Independent windows shrinking

Distributor Truly Indie blurring lines

The issue of shrinking distribution windows has been a bugaboo in Hollywood over the past year, as exhibs fret that auds won’t come to theaters if they know a DVD rollout of a pic is looming.

But Truly Indie — an indie distribution arm of 2929 Entertainment, which owns the Landmark cinema chain — is blurring the lines even further, following 2929’s earlier experiments with windows tinkering.

2929 was a pioneer when it released “Bubble” in theaters and via its cable channel HDNet simultaneously. That was the first in a series of pics the company is releasing day and date in various platforms.

For the Truly pic “The Prisoner, or: How I Planned to Kill Tony Blair,” opening April 6, newspaper ads listed its bigscreen locations, but also reminded, “Add it to your Netflix queue!”

The movie will bow June 5 on DVD.

Move is part of a partnership beween Truly and Netflix to pump these smaller pics on any platform.

Then again, Truly is basically a rental system for indie filmmakers to get pics into the marketplace that didn’t get snapped up by distribs.

So whether auds catch the pic now or later, proceeds can wind up in the producers’ pockets.