Debbie’s ‘Divorce’ brings no change

A look back at Reynolds' drama

July 31, 1967

GOOD MORNING: Debbie Reynolds’ dramatic departure via “Divorce – American Style” brought no visible change in Hollywood producers’ picture of her, she sadly admits. “So we’ll just take the bull by the horns,” bares Debbie, “and make our own pictures. I’m tired of waiting for properties. I don’t like to have to get in production myself, but that’s the way it is.” Her company sets out with six properties; she plans to appear in three of ’em. Debbie’s to talk to N.Y. companies for backing. Meanwhile, she’s busy on a Nov. spec plus presentation for televising the Thalians’ show … Marlon Brando asked Debbie to do a UNICEF show. Others bade by Brando include Julie Andrews, Natalie Wood and Charlton Heston. Miss R. already accepted with, “Of course, anything for children.” (2007 Update: Debbie is now readying the Thalians’ 52nd annual show, Oct.21 at the BevHilton, honoring Roger Moore. She is the Thalians’ president and one of the founders, along with Ruta Lee, chairman of the board. Debbie reminds me they have raised $30 million for the Thalians’ Mental Health Center at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center. She is also readying for the 2008 bow of her Hollywood Motion Picture Museum in Pigeon Forge, Tenn. That’s Dolly Parton’s Dollywood country. Debbie’s son Todd Fisher is the architect for Reynolds’ long-in-the-works museum project. As for acting roles, she admits, “There are not very many acting parts around for me today. They were great days but I’m very happy now traveling with my act. Everything’s great.”)