The Nordic region — Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland and Iceland — is a tricky market. Even very successful local product can fail to cross over into neighboring countries. Nonetheless, several distribs, such as Nordisk and Svensk Film, operate through sister companies in other countries. Most major distribs handle both Hollywood studio fare and indie product.


Svensk Film
Topper: Rasmus Ramstad, CEO
B.O.: $17.2 million
Top pic: “Gota Kanal 2” ($6.3 million)
In brief: Established in 1919, Svensk is active in production, distribution and exhibition. It controls more than 80% of the nation’s screens. Svensk’s top three films of the year so far were local pics. Company has output deals with New Line, This Is That and Likely Story. Upcoming releases include “Eastern Promises,” “The Golden Compass” and “3:10 to Yuma.”

Sandrew Metronome
Birgitta Holmer, CEO
B.O.: $32 million
Top pic: “Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix” ($9.8 million)
In brief: Distributes Warner Bros. pics as well as arthouse fare. Used to own its own cinemas, but sold them to Astoria Cinemas, which has since gone bankrupt. Up next are “The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford,” “Lust, Caution,” “Beowulf” and “Persepolis.”


Nordisk Film
Topper: Michael Ritto, CEO-prexy
B.O.: $17.2 million
Top pic: “Ledsaget udgang” ($3 million)
In brief: Founded in 1906, Nordisk recently set up operations in other Nordic countries. Among upcoming releases are “Bruno,” “30 Days of Night,” “White Jazz,” “Crossing Over” and “The Baader-Meinhof Complex.”

Scanbox Entertainment
Karl Aage Jensen, CEO
B.O.: n/a
Top pic: “Apocalypto” ($1.1 million)
In brief: Founded as a video company 1980, Scanbox has been in the theatrical biz since 1992. Shingle, which handles everything from small arthouse pics to U.S. blockbusters, is still bigger in the DVD arena than in theatrical.


SF Norge
Topper: Guttorm Petterson, CEO
B.O.: $40 million
Top pic: “The Simpsons Movie” ($5.5 million)
In brief: The biggest film distributor in Norway, SF Norge releases its own productions plus those from 20th Century Fox, New Line and the independents. Upcoming slate includes “Sicko,” “The Golden Compass” and “Across the Universe.”


FS Film
Topper: Lasse Hyyti, CEO
B.O.: $11.5 million
Top pic: “The Simpsons Movie” ($4.5 million)
In brief: Owned by Svensk, FS distributes films from its parent as well as Fox. Locally made biopic “Ganes” scored the highest opening weekend thus far this fall.

Timo Manty, CEO
B.O. : $33 million
Top pic: “Mr. Bean’s Holiday” ($3.3 million)
In brief: Founded in 1986 when 34 film companies joined forces, Finnkino operates the largest theater chain in Finland and distributes local and international indie fare, plus Paramount and Universal product.

Note: 2007 B.O. through Sept. 30