Husband and wife filmmakers Sean Fine and Andrea Nix attended Variety’s unspooling of “War/Dance” on Wednesday, discussing the project’s dynamic subjects, and its lasting effects on themselves.

“It’s meant to be a very human story, so we knew right off the bat that this was going to be a story of faces, and inside people’s lives, “ said Nix of the intimate scenes.

Film’s location in Uganda was chosen after a non-profit group approached the duo about the region.

“They said, ‘We want to talk to you guys about making a film about the war in Northern Uganda.’ Andrea and I responded by saying, ‘What war in Northern Uganda?’ We were really shocked we had never heard about any of this. That fueled us to try and figure out how to make a film about the subject, and how to make it different,” said Fine.

Filmmakers lensed in the small camp of Patongo, which, according to Fine, is so isolated and dangerous that most aid workers won’t even go there.

“If you can imagine getting to Patongo: you’re driving 80-100 miles per hour down a small dirt road, and you’re constantly wondering if rebels are going to ambush you. And when they ambush you, it’s not to take you hostage or for ransom. They’re going to kill you, and they’re going to kill you in a pretty awful way,” said Fine.

During filming, the local children used in the film inspired the filmmakers. Both Fine and Nix noted the children’s bravery despite adverse conditions.

“The only way you tell a story like this is through trust. We feel it’s a privilege that they’re sharing their stories with us,” said Nix. “We wanted the only voices bringing you through this journey to be the kids’.”

Fine agreed, saying the biggest difficulties came after film’s completion.

“We all got to go home. These kids don’t get to go home. They get to stay in this camp.”