You’re headed for a red carpet. Maybe you’re even nominated. But you’re not a movie star and you can’t get a top professional makeup artist. Here are tips from the experts on doing your own red-carpet makeup.

Tune up for HD

“HDTV means that makeup needs to be flawless, sheer, and perfectly color correct!” says Pati Dubroff. “Do makeup near a window — the truest natural light.”

Run Away from Runway

“Don’t replicate a runway look,” Michael Key says. “The runway is a designer’s playground where they get to play Mr. Potato Head: Let’s see what happens if I stick this ear on top of her head.”

Health Makes Wealth

“The palate for 2008 will be golden goddess: tanned, bronzed and healthy,” Paul Starr asserts.

Color Pops

“But a timeless face doesn’t always mean nude only,” says Dubroff. “I love a pop of color if it’s appropriate for the girl, (the hair,) the dress …”

Foundation Matters

“Conceal blemishes with a tiny paintbrush for precise, minimal application, then blend foundation with damp sponge,” Green Green advises.

No Two-Timing

“Makeup reflects light, skin absorbs it,” says Key. “Extend foundation to ears and neck so they match your face in photographs.”

Easy on the Powder

“Powder ages,” says Starr. “Use finely milled translucent powder minimally to set makeup.”

Reach for Peach

“For a glowing complexion, swirl a golden shimmery peach over cheeks and temples,” says Green. “Silver or lilac makes you look like a robot. Top cheeks with a fairly matte blush.”

Get Layered

“For durability, enhance eyes with layers of tones,” says Green.

Don’t Spare the Lash

“Use individual lashes on the upper lash line,” says Green. “With old-fashioned strip lashes the band can pop off. Add a skinny stripe of liner along the top lash line to further mimic luscious lashes. Tons of mascara always helps!”

Pucker Maintenance

“If you desire a classic red lip then go for it,” says Green, “But it’ll need close maintenance all evening as you smile, eat, kiss, etc.”

Be Body Conscious

“Cover body with shimmery lotion/bronzer. You’ll seem angelically radiant; it’s like a halo effect!” Green says. “Moisturize elbows/heels, get manicure/pedicures — the details are endless, but your tabloid photos will be more Cinderella than ugly sister.”

Do a Screen Test

“Take photos with a flash camera. Record yourself with an HD camcorder,” says Key.

And the Winner Is …

“Carry lipstick, blotting paper, liner and a tissue in your purse,” says Starr, “in case you cry when you step up to get your award!”